What would you do

so, you are on foot up a mountain and a blizzard starts. You are with one man with a bullet in his chest and a brother who has collapse from the effortof helping to carry the other man down the mountain. You cant take both down. If you leave either one, they will most surely die.

What to do?

You are with one man with a bullet in his chest
Make sure you get out of this alive. Anything else is gravy. Sounds cruel but we come into this world alone and we all leave this world alone.

but what if you are sure you can save one other?

How’d the man get the bullet in his chest?

accident. the brother who collapsed tripped higher up the mountain while carrying a rifle.

…the golden hour rule says the bro with the bullet isn’t going to stand a fair chance even if you get him off the mountain, yet the collapsed bro has to possibly live with the regret of accidentally shooting and ultimately killing his brother…quite the dilemma…

I should clarify. The man with the bullet in his chest is not related to the other two who are brothers

…okay, I see…then based on that info, I couldn’t face mom and tell her why I left her other son in the mountain to die, so I’d haul my exhausted brother off the mountain…yay?

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

Brother sounds like a menace. Better to leave him to die than to risk getting “accidentally” shot by him sometime in the future . . . plus, more inheritance for me down the road. Sorry, ma.

So . . . what did you actually do, FYB?

Easy answer here…SCREW THEM both I’m outta there . If yer talking about my actual real brother well basically I’ve disowned the prick anyways and haven’t talked or had any contact with him in over 2 years . So basically I’m certainly not going to bother saving someone who I have no use for , brother or no brother he is still a dick . As for the other guy ? the guy who my dopey brother shot ? well if he’s got a bullet hole in his chest he’s probably done like dinner anyway and wouldn’t make it regardless…so bye bye to him as well . My dickhead of a brother can stick around and keep him company , good luck to them both . The buzzards can pick their sorry arse carcasses clean for all I care as I said earlier I’m outta there .

Very interesting to see who lets personal problems or the pursuit of money make their decisions for them. It seems there is a lot of selfishness in this world.

not me, it was Peter Falk in Wagon Train. He made two decisions. First he chose his brother, which I think most would. Then he chose to try to strangle the other guy as a mercy killing so he wouldn’t suffer.

I myself could not make either decision. I think I would freeze and do neither, or is it do neither and freeze. If I could, I would try to find someway of keeping them both alive until brothers gets his strength back. That would require someway to shelter them and some way to start a good fire.

The second option I might do is try to find someway to drag them both down the mountain, even though it would probably be doomed to fail.

Not to get religious, but I would do a hell of a lot of praying the whole time.

Sounds like Hacksaw Ridge .

Rescued 75 men .

True story .

Couldn’t stop bringing more back despite the odds .

His convictions and faith over came the limitations of his situation .

I could not do what this father did even if it was the best thing to do

I just couldn’t leave my children like that.

What an idiot father. 1st he takes a 6 and 7 year old out fishing in the wilderness and gets lost. 2nd HE LEAVES THEM !!! He’s very lucky they were smarter than him and listened and stayed put. Most kids would not, especially when they are scared…Why didn’t he get a fire going and stay with them or couldn’t his smart phone describe to him how to make a fire ? This guy is a moron from the get-go.


…yep Dan, not a wise decision…every rescue agency in the land will tell you to sit tight and the professionals will find you eventually…what if he injured himself during his climb out? now he’d be injured and alone and his kids would be even more at risk…

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer of course to this dilemma.

…I trust you mean the original dilemma, right?

The only dilemma was caused by the father’s stupidity and he is WRONG…I would rather die with my children than leave them alone. You don’t leave kids alone ! It can’t be more simple.