What Would You Do?

If we are well ahead in tonight's game, would all you armchair coaches rest some of our best players and cruise to a win or play them right 'till the end. Keep in mind, we may have to play these guys again.

If so, who would you take out or who would you give more playing time?

given the 4th Q comebacks this yr, I would suggest not resting much any of the major D

Might try giving Burris and Williams a rest, perhaps a couple of the best of the o-line to save from injury.

Really depends on the flow of the game, but if we're making the playoffs, it might not be a bad idea to give Porter some playing time.

Maybe should define “well ahead.”
If the lead was at least 21 pts. going into the 4th Quarter, I’d take out 3 players only – Burris, Williams and Cobourne – more to not risk injury than to rest them. If the Cats get to play another day, there’s a long rest period between tonight and the 11th. I expect they’d run down and watch the film tomorrow and take off Sat., Sun. and Tues. They’d have the one extra day of work Monday and then the regular 3 days Wed. thru Fri.

I'd take out Owens and go with my 3rd and 4th string QB's.

that is funny



I blame opies post for tonights fiasco

First thing I would do is get ride of all the pens in the office (who knows how many are contaminated) and fill Cortez pen pale with Jumbo Markers so he can't stick them in his nose anymore.


Luckily we ended up not having to deal with this problem. :stuck_out_tongue: