What would you do?

Good evening
This is my first post. However, I have been an avid Als fan since the 1950’s. I have been reading here for some time now and I find that many members are very knowledgeable football fans, indeed more knowledgeable than I. So, here goes with my first post.

Two of last years starters might be rejoining the team in the near future. I’m thinking of Larry Taylor and Andrew Hawkins. I would like to know how you feel the team should handle the 2 situations should these players return.

In the case of Larry Taylor, he would have to replace Tim Maypray since he can only serve as a returner. IMHO Maypray has better hands, presents more of an upside and could be integrated into the starting offense somewhere down the road. Therefore, I would trade or release Larry Taylor.

Andrew Hawkins showed great potential when he was used last year and I believe that he is a keeper. However, I don’t believe he should immediately replace anyone in the starting lineup? My thought is that he could replace someone such as Brandon Whitaker on the roster (we already have RB Emmanuel Marc on the practice roster should something happen to Avon). This would allow Hawkins to be a part of the active roster and be ready to replace one of the current receivers should an injury occur.

What would you do?

I'd have to agree with you about Larry Taylor.
He definitely has "Big-Play Potential"
But frankly I'm surprised NFL scouts didn't notice his difficulties protecting the ball.
As I read somewhere here before, Trestman subbed-in Bratton in key situations for that very reason.

After listening to the pre-season and being pretty excited about Maypray, I admit I haven't been all that impressed with his performance the first four games. He's been VERY sure-handed....but I guess I expected more from someone replacing the likes of Taylor and ultimately Chad Owens.

People will scoff, but after that brief flash in Week 2, I'd like to see Chip Cox returning punts. Cox is fearless, fleet of foot and has an uncanny knack for the big play. Anyone remember Dickie Harris?
Andrew Hawkins, if he returns 100% is a spectacular talent...ala Johnny Rogers. I've no doubt he'll be that kickoff/fieldgoal returner the Als need...and no doubt some kind of multi-purpose back of the future.

I'm not sure about the "bringing that great returner in for special plays" gibe. Defences seem to be hip to it. After all...why bring him in once every 5 series of downs unless the ball's going to end up in his hands? It invariably gets read before the snap and falls FLAT. And with SJ Green making such a spectacular case...it's hard to imagine anyone else cracking the lineup until Cahoon retires or someone gets hurt.