What would you do?

Well I’m going on vacation for the next two weeks (but I’ll be checking in from home). We were going to visit The Niagara region next week. My wife even wanted to stop in to the CFL Hall of Fame in Steeltown, and the NHL HOF in T.O.

But guess what? I had to cancell all hotel reservations and our plans. Why?? Because my 12 year old son has made our local Mosquito Football team and training camp will be smack dab in the 1st week when we were going to be away.
It’s the 1st organized sports team my son will be playing on. And it’s thanks to a former Ottawa Rough Rider (Wayne Tosh) who’s brains I picked at a luncheon during Grey Cup Week here in the Cap. He told me to put him into flag football first and see how he liked it. Then there was a two day tackle football assessment camp. He’ll be playing on the line because, as the coach said, “yes, finally, a bruiser!”
My wife and I are thrilled.

We wouldn’t miss this for the world.
It was an easy decision.

Hey, was it that hard a choise to be with your son over taking a trip to Toronto?

Good move.

Congrats supersmith to have your son in minor league football. Wished I had of played minor league, it was daunting in grade 9 to try out for the football team in high school when I never played the game before. But I did make the team nonetheless, but still, I wish my parents got me into minor league football first.

Living in Hamilton, I go to the Canadian Hall of Fame and Museum a few times a year, it's only 2 bucks I think to get in and it's great. Now its not as big as the Hockey Hall of Fame and you may even be by yourself when or if you ever go there, unlike the HHF but that is ok, I'm glad that it's not in Toronto, Toronto doesn't need everything in this country.

Forgot to mention that you made the right decision, as mentioned, the HOF's will always be there.

.......you made the right decision dude.......my son has played two years of community tackle football and will be starting Junior HS football at the end of august and IMO these things are hugely important in the development of a young man, not just the physical side of it either, but the lessons learned about being part of a team, giving it all you got, learning from a loss and being gracious about it as well as celebrating a win, all that stuff.......enjoy enjoy enjoy.......the Halls fo Fame will always be there, kids don't stay kids for very long.....

I knew you would all agree. I just knew it. Quality people.


I'm gonna have a few pops for you lads tonight in my screened in gazebo (watching all the bugs trying to get in) listening to the Sask-Ott game.

Go You Thieving Renegade Capital Punishment Bastards Go!!


I must agree. That you did for sure make the right decision. I never got to play tackle football as a youngster. But thats because we would have to travel 65 km just for every practice and game so im definately not blaming my parents it wouldve gotten really expensive. That expensive part was proved when i ended up going to a high school that was 65 km's away and taking a bus every morning at 6:30 to go to highschool when there was a highschool that i could literally look at through my kitchen window. Now your probably all asking why i woke up at 6:00 in the morning to catch a bus at 6:30 in the mornign for an almost 1 and a half bus ride twice a day for 3 years. Well i only went to that highschool to play high school football. This was in Sudbury Ontario (for those of you that dont know it was Varsity) And for those of you who dont know what varsity is. Lets just say it means that theres no junior or senior teams. Just one football team grade 9 to 12. So there I was a little grade 9 from Espanola Ontario going to a school in Sudbury. And trying out for the football team. Now of course i did make it and I played 2 years of back up wide reciever and then we got a new coach who just happened to play for my favourite team (the ti-cats) in there 99 grey cup season. I was in awe of him even though he didnt start. He had a grey cup ring and i got to see it. But anyways he was our new coach and he switched me from back up wide reciever to starting Defensive End. He was big on comtainment so he didnt necesarrily want big guys at our ends. He wanted fast people. ANd lets just say it was probably that best experience of my life. I cant wait to play one last year of football at my new Highschool down here in Southern Ontario. I just hope that I get to be on Defence again. Its so much better to hit somebody then it is to be hit. You just get that rush and I Love it. Cudos to all your paretns put there that let your kids play tackle football. Probably one of the best things you can do for them. Its such a great sport. And to make sure theres no questions from this post. My parents picked me up after every football practice (which was everyday after school) And They must have spent at least 400 bucks on gas money alone every month if not more. I will always be grateful to them for the oputunity to do that.

Supersmith, that dilemma was about has hard as chosing between a piece of sugar & pecans pie or a plain yogurt.

Could you imagine going to a Renegades game in twelve years from now and watch the hometown hero, your son, run around in those red jerseys... A father can dream...

. . .mmmmmmmmmm. . .plain yogurt. . .

Good choice, Smitty.