What Would You Do?

The best reciever thread and making the NFL got me thinking…

Would you rather have a very successful career in the CFL, possibly setting records and being a fan favorite, while making about 100 K a year


Would you take the big $$ and head south to the NFL and sit on the practice roster, maybe getting time on specail teams, or injury duty?

Tough question LetsGo, very tough. I would LIKE TO THINK (because I love being in Canada and the CFL) I would take the former but MAY BE inclined to take the latter for the money potential. But I really don't know what I'd do if this situation was offered to me.

I'm not a money-driven person, and I'm also a big pro-Canada person.....I'm pretty sure there is no way you could get me to play in the NFL.....providing I played football, of course.....lol

I believe that most people would say they'd opt for the succesfull CFL career because, from our point of view, it looks like the option that best fits our love of the game... But should we be given that choice for real, we'd do like everyone does and take the big paycheck.

I would definately accept to put glory aside for a practice roster job paying half a million $ a year.

In fact, I am currently putting glory aside and I am far from doing such money. lol...

A perfect career to me would be 10+ yrs as starter in the CFL and 5+ yrs making big bucks in NFL doing whatever.

Well, making the bucks in the nfl might be appealing in the short term. theres no way I could do something like that for much longer than 2 years. IF I played football, i think playing regularily for less would win out over sitting in the stands.
having said that, no one has ever made me an offer like that so theres no FOR SURE lol

I think the money is a huge part of it, but so is playing at the highest calibre possible. most athletes want to be able to say that they made it to that level.....but....did you really "make it to that level" if you didn't get in a game??

I would pick CFL All-Star. It's about pride and 100k is not a bad paycheck in my eyes anyways. And if I were to go any further than I am now it would only be CFL anyways (I was one of the leading receivers in the Winnipeg High School League last year and I was only in grade 11).

Somebody who set records in the CFL would be making more than $100K, more like $400K.

And if you were good enough to set records in the CFL, you would be doing more than holding a clipboard in the NFL(unless you're 5'5", no offense).

Casey Printers took less money in the NFL than what he was offered in the CFL. And he will end up on a practice roster or holding a clipboard. So you should ask him what's better. Except in his case, he's be making more in the CFL.

Personally, I'd just stick in the CFL.. unles it there was a short term ( 1 year ) contract for mega $$ lol...

How many players make 400 K in the CFL? Maybe a few QB's.....Stegall makes about 140 I think.
As for Printers you say he took less $$....I find that hard to beleive. Did he have a signing bonus?

theres the catch. The signing bonus. Id sign a 2 year contract with a massive signing bonus. Then id go play cfl. Get cash and fame. btw Id play for the bombers, the best team in the cfl :slight_smile:

But how can you measure the value of a Grey Cup ring on your finger? My heart tells me I would love this more than a $5 mill/year NFL contract. But that is my heart talking I have to admit.

While money is important, there are other issues.

First, is quality of life, and the US ranks pretty low there, IMO.

Secondly, is what type of person are you. Are you the type who needs to constantly challenge oneself, or are you the type who takes the easy way out? If the former, you would stay in the CFL, if the latter, NFL practice roster would be "good enough".

Printers declined $1,375,000/3 years in the CFL and took $270,0003/3 years in the NFL.

The thing is tho, how long is a typical football player's career? I can't fault them for taking more money when they can as there's a ton of ways they all of a sudden can't play football, at least at that level.

I make less, for sure, but my career has the potential for a much longer run than most of these guys can play football. If I was only going to be able to play for 5-ish years..... it'd be tough to say no to the money. Besides the fact if you're on the bench, less playing time equals less potential for career-ending injury equals more football paycheques....

But that's just me. :slight_smile:

I'd say quality of life must be pretty good when you are an NFL player...

be a star in the CFL.

I like ya Third but please don't speak for everyone. There is no way I would play in the nfl!

Again here we go making comparison's. The fact is most would go for the money then the glory. Plus that NFL pension is not bad for someone sitting on the pine ask Dave Dickenson.