What would you do if you were the Lions' coach?

Travis Lulay [current QB back-up] received the most MOP award in 2011 and was named the MVP in that same year. It was that year when he took the Lions from a 1-6 record in the 1st half of the season to a 1st place finish followed by a Grey Cup championship in the same year.

Due to injuries Lions fans have not seen much of Travis but he remained with the team over the years in an advisory/mentoring capacity. On occasion, when able, he would fill in as back up QB.
As usual Wally Buono was able to land an excellent replacement in young Jonathan Jennings as starting QB. Lulay would be used sparingly lest he re-injury an already fragile shoulder.

Unfortunately, Jennings got injured in the opening play against Hamilton on July 15. He would not return. Lulay played the entire game meting out a good thumping on the Ti-Cats. Lulay passed for over 430 yards! Not an easy accomplishment. His passes were laser like as if the ball had a homing device attached to it.

Jennings is still out and recovering. Many fans wondered if Lulay's appearance last week against Hamilton was an anomaly. Perhaps he just got lucky. Maybe Hamilton's game was off and they were not as prepared to play against Lulay. Nope!

Lulay started and finished the game last night against the Bombers. Again he threw for over 400 yards! That is not an anomaly. He even ran for a 14 yard TD diving over the goal line. Such is his spirit and heart for the game and for the team. The play was reminiscent of the play that almost finished off his career a few years ago where he dove over the goal line. But not this time.

Travis Lulay is back. He is healthy. He is stronger than ever. The guy threw for over 800 yards in only two games. He helped the team build a formidable lead but we need to give credit to the Nicholls and the Bombers. They erased that lead and at one point turned the score around to 42-27. But somehow you just knew the Lions would dig themselves out of that hole. And they did thanks to Yell's last few minutes interception allowing the Lions to score a FG.
Usually a coach has a good back up QB who hopefully can get the job done if the starter gets injured or is having a lousy game. Coach Buono has the luxury of two "starting" QBs now.

What is coach Buono to do? Jennings is superb. Lulay is brilliant and is back in top form.

TV commentator Matt Dunigan says Buono needs to go with the guy with the hot hand if both players are ready to play next game. It makes sense but we need to remember why Lulay has been out for the past number of years. Is he 110% healed? It sure looks that way. But in case he isn't, is it worth taking the chance and losing Lulay with maybe a career ending injury? I ask this because Lulay did take some pretty bone crushing hits and got sacked a number of times. If Lulay goes down with the same shoulder injury I'm guessing he'll be gone for good. Yes, the Lions still have Jennings in case Lulay re-injures that shoulder but he would not have the likes of Lulay to back him up. And that would be a shame.

Given how Lulay played and the resilience he showed in these last two games he hopefully is a lot healthier than we all think. There really is nothing to indicate otherwise so the coach may have to flip a coin.

Regardless, Travis Lulay, MOP, MVP is back! And I for one am very excited!

As mentioned, obvious decision is to play the hot quarterback. Jennings has been subpar in early weeks. So switching to Lulay is brilliant. Since performance may fluctuate over time, Jennings might return later. Having the best quarterback duo is a problem other teams would love to have.

I'd go with Lulay, too. And hope that he can stay healthy long enough for Jennings to work himself back into form.

Well, Lulay is out with an injury already. That was fast. I hope it's not a serious one.

Yep. Another injury came much too soon. If it’s confirmed Lulay indeed suffered a tear to his ACL, he will be done for the year and faces a long rehab after surgery. This may be the end of the road for Travis.

I have admiration for Travis Lulay but I'm also frustrated with him. This is the 2nd of 3 serious injuries for him. Two were the direct result, in my opinion of his reckless type of play. Yes I get it that he is a tenacious player and wears his emotions on his sleeve. Yes, I get it that he is ready to take it on the chin. The part I don't get is that of the 3 major injuries he suffered over the past 5 years, two of them could have been avoided. Of the 3 one involved being sacked. All QBs get sacked. Unfortunately the injury Lulay sustained was a fluke injury and let's fact it QBs do get injured when sacked. Not his fault for getting injured. The part that bugs me is that Lulay suffered a previous injury when he tried to dive across the goal line to score a TD a few years back. The Lions were well ahead and there were only a couple of minutes left. The game was in the bag. Why risk serious injury when the TD meant nothing? I call such injuries "self-inflicted".

This latest injury did not have to happen. He could have slid or dove down to the ground. Instead he chose to make it open season on the QB and he has possibly paid a career ending price. Here is why I think he made a stupid decision to continue running with the ball:

  1. The Als are not a strong team
  2. It was only the 2nd play of the game
  3. He has plenty of work horses to do that kind of running
  4. He already sustained 2 major injuries. He did not learn from them

Bottom line? Travis Lulay appears to have only two speeds: fast and faster! Travis Lulay is a tenacious loyal player and enough cannot be said about the guy but Travis Lulay blew it this time in my opinion. Instead of playing smart he tried to sacrifice his body....once again. Should he be faulted for always playing his heart out? QBs are told to slide or go down for one reason....to avoid getting creamed. What part of that doesn't Travis get?

Travis is a gifted player who may have had some good years remaining. I cannot see him coming back to the game if the diagnosis is correct.

The Lions have had some tough luck with these types of QBs, with Lulay now and Pierce before him. I hope Jennings can stay healthy and perform well now.

Yes, Dave Dickenson also suffered a number of injuries including concussions.

I agree about Jennings. If he stays healthy and performs the way he did last week against the Als the Lions may be okay. They have some excellent receivers. If Jennings goes down I’m not sure his back up Alex Ross has enough experience to keep the Lions afloat. His strength may be his ability to rush with the ball.

I checked Ross’ experience and this is what I found:

“Enjoying an incredibly productive collegiate career, Alex departed Coastal Carolina with all-time school marks in passing yards (9,918), attempts (1,174), completions (760) and touchdowns (72). He also owns conference records in rushing TD’s by a quarterback (19) and games with at least three touchdown passes (12). He wrapped up his outstanding accomplishments on the field as the only quarterback in Big South history to earn first-team all-conference honours three times.”