What would you chage in the NFL?/ Who are somkers?

We have talked abou what we would chage abou the CFL, now I think it's the NFL turn! 8)

I would throw out the pussy fair catch and thoch backs and put in the No Yards rule a little improved. That should start everything else off, I'll comment on what others say.

On another note, who on this site is a smoker? out of curiosity. I am! 8) and my brands are Paliments, Natural American Sprit, and Salems (Black Label). anyone else?

I'd also chage a few Teams like:

  1. Jets move to LA
  2. Redskins name chage
  3. NE patroits move to Hartford

More to come! (I'm just going to edit is post, so don't worry! :wink: )

HHmmm don't care about the nfl...so don't care about changing it! :wink:

Jets move to L.A? Won't be them moving if it happens. Rumor had it for awhile Arizona would, but they got a new stadium, so now it speculated that San Diego might. The only place the Jets will be moving is Manhatten.

I'd implement:

  • 60 second play clock
  • sidelines 10 yards closer together
  • each team gets 6 timeouts per half

That would make the NFL even better.

Get a grip!!!

Any suggestions regarding the NFL should be made on the NFL websites.

It makes me sick to read such a thing.

I love football and I watch all of it - but when I come to this site, I want to read CFL only - to the initiator of this story YOU ARE LOSING CREDIBILITY lay off the NFL stuff!

Cut the guy a break. NFL stuff comes up on this site all the time, and few people gripe. It’s only natural - the CFL and the NFL are both versions of the same game, and there’s bound to be comparisons. People talk about hockey in these forums, as well as a host of other topics, so why jump all over him when he’s still talking about football???

hey… CHILL OUT MAN… go smoke a doobie or something… i HATE the NFL… HATE IT… but to get all worked up over someone posting this topic just isn’t worth it… or warrented really… if you don’t like the topic… DON"T CLICK ON THE LINK THAT OPENS IT UP… it has NFL in the topic line… so you know what it’s about… don’t open the link… it’s THAT EASY…

now if i were to change things in the NFL… i’d make the field bigger… get rid of a down… shorten the time clock… add stripes to the ball… lose the fair catch crap… add another player on the field… move the goal posts up… hell… i’d just turn it into the CFL… :lol:


Your a good man...and I agree - a doobie is in order! Man what was I thinking...

ps., nice suggestions on the NFL

lol... a doobie is ALWAYS in order :smiley:
and thanks... any way we can make the NFL more like the CFL is going in the right direction.. lol

I dont Hate the NFL but I dont watch it..., And the guy was just making comparisions which is fine if its CFL related.....and IF you dont like anything about the NFL posted on here........THEN DONT read it.

Why stop at 60 seconds? Let’s see a whole 2 minutes! And I don’t think 6 timeouts per half is enough, either. I’m thinking at least 8. :wink:

And while they’re at it, I think a 5th down would do a lot to improve the game. That, or just change it to 7 yards on 4 downs …

Hmmm … they could remove the receiver position and just convert everyone to a RB or a lineman …

Maybe change the overtime format to whoever wins the coin toss wins the game … oh wait … that’s how it is already :roll:

Behind ya 110% geo365 and chronic

Ya know something Kel1 It would have been faster for you to hit the back button and leave the page than it was for you to type you complaints.

Don’t like it Don’t read it!!!

Mate, we have taled abou what we chage abou the CFL, so I just thought I’d put a topic up abou how we would chage the NFL. Fair is Fair, right?

and I also put in the Smoking topic too.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the Field size and downs (though the CFL does it better with it's longer Feild and 3 downs), but the 40 second clock is too long (I can run a play in madden under 20 secords!) and needs to be less. Singles can't be in the NFL cuz the feild is too short.

The AFL sucks! you shouldn't play 4 downs on a shorter field! I hope that the Canadian Arena league gets started, does reasonaly well, and influneces the AFL or meages with it.

..........I would outfit the offensive and defensive lines with a 10" iron ball on the end of their right arm and a 20" shield on their left arm.......the QBs would be required to wear capes.......the entire rosters for both teams are elligible to be on the field for the 1st and 3rd quarter opening kickoffs..........and finally, one WR per team can take a pole vault stick on the field.........

and who said that the NFL was the No Fun League! :lol:

Also, it would be cool if one player on each team were allowed to carry a garbage can lid and a pool cue.

Also, during every timeout - one player on each team has to run onto the field wearing a wedding dress and try to catch a greased pig. Whatever team catches the pig, the opposing team loses 10 yards.

I think if Vince McMahon could have seen this thread, the XFL would be the best sports league on the planet.

A-men brother!!