What would it take to make to stamps an elite fanchise?

From 1972-1989, the stamps were not a talented or stable organization. Say what you want about how good Edmonton and Winnipeg were(and i know they were great teams), but it was like the calgary suits never
really tried. So I can inderstand how the fan base and city support dropped to almost nothing. Even th uniforms looked cheap compared to the other teams. Then Larry rickman came along... Say what you want a About him... But him, Wally, normi made the stamps a pro football team again. And the 90's could have been the foundation to start something. And it sort of did. Expansion scared many fans away. He stamps won th last true grey cup! Before expansion, before all American teams and the reduction of Canadian content. Then the f group fighting with Wally, bringing in dunnigan, put us back years. Just as a qb tradition had started, it ended. So here we are... Rebuilt with the forzani group, making a little cash. Prolly 4th
in the league behind motreal, sask, edmonton. Just guessing.

So many Calgary folk come from other places to live there for jobs and a Better way of life
but they won't cheer for the stamps. Winnipeg fans came in droves. It was crazy how many Winnipeg fans are in Calgary. W all know about sask. Same with bc fans.

we need a winning product(at least a playoff game) every year for twenty years? I want to see the stamps sell at least as much merch as edmonton and sell out every game to there own fans. I know it's dreaming... But Calgary is growing like
crazy. How can the stamps get there?

Even in this nation forum there's only like 10 of us who post on any almost regular basis. It seems out fanbase Is typically over 30. Even at 32 I'm a young fan. Sask, Winnipeg, have somehow locked sown the lost generation(or the NFL generation). I am happy how pro it seems huff runs thing though. the players we get in are entertaining. That's one thing about dunnigan. He did get us lewis and Reynolds. Should have kept him on as a scout for American talent.