What would Frank Kush do ? (tongue in cheek)

Ok, Coach Taaffe sounded like he's at the end of his rope tonight after the game and is running out of ideas to get the team playing ------> as a team.

So, just for fun, I thought we'd throw in some ideas about what legendary disciplinarian Coach Frank Kush would do right about now?.....

....those old enough will remember that Coach Kush arrived in Hamilton for the 1981 season and the stories of what he put the players through still strike fear into people.... :lol:

So, without further ado <----- (always thought that was a wierd word), here's my contribution on what I believe Coach Kush would do....

....Move the team into the visitors locker room the rest of the year...cold water and all! :wink: :lol:

(remember, this is just a fun thread) :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me take them down to Bob's backyard in the US and A, and put them through about 5 weeks of boot camp...

Kush would love you!(Coach Taaffe too!) :lol:

Ahhhh Kush.

Remember those t-shirts some of the players had made up after training camp?

“I survived Kush Camp”

Never mind, I think Frank Bruno would have got out the sawed-off shotgun...

Make the team take public transportation to all games including away games in Toronto. (in full uniform)