what would be a perfect season for the Tiger-Cats ?

A perfect season would be going 18-0 and winning a grey cup...But realistically keeping games close is our ultimate goal (lord knows with this team we won't actually be winning any games)

Season Prediction: 6-12 (worst team in the league for the second consecutive year)

For me, because I hate the Argo's, a perfect season would be 3 decisive victories vs the Double Blue.

That would be the cake.

Winning the Grey cup in Toronto.

That would be the icing.

if 1 had one wish this football season it would be for a touchdown in every home game.
if I had two wishes it would be a TD in every home game, and 8 regular season home victories
if I had 3 wishes it would be for a TD in every home game, 8 home victories, and for the Ticat to have all encompassing power over every football team in the entire universe
if I had 4 wishes ... well you get the idea

(props to S. Martin)