what would be a perfect season for the Tiger-Cats ?

If they go for 500 I think Marcel did his job

0&4 and there,s the door=--! im looking for a home playoff game and a shot at the cup!- 10 and 8 season

"Perfect season" = 18-0, Grey Cup win.

"Perfectly acceptable" is something much less. I'd be OK with .500 and a playoff appearance.

I am looking for no more Blow outs at Home..
if we don't win at Least keep me Entertained with a Close Games at Home.

A Playoff Game would be nice too

If Taaffe doesn't get the Ticats into the playoffs this year he will be fired, guaranteed. And he knows that.

"Perfect Season" would be the only way I could forgive Maas for what he did last season. Along with throwing a TD every time he handles the ball.

But yeah, ExPat has the right answer.


2 preseason
18 regular season
2 playoff dates, the first at home, the second in TO sometime in late november

Im not looking for a specific record...just play tough competitive ball

After last year, I just hope the team is competitive every game. Even if we're losing close games, as long as we're competitive it'll be fun to watch.

I don't expect any team to win 18 games, that would just be ridiculous. I think Edmonton has the best record ever at 16-2, or Calgary's 14-0 year back in '48.

i have very hair expectations:

  1. 18-0
  2. 6000 yards passing from Maas
  3. All starters at Wr and Sb have 1000+ seasons
  4. two 1000 yard rushers
  5. No sacks given up
  6. two players racking up 100 tackles
  7. All starters on the defensive line having 10+ sacks
  8. 50/50 on field goals
  9. 5 returns- two punt, two kickoff, one missed field goal
  10. Shut out every opponent
  11. 25 interceptions
  12. A sellout every game

ah but if wishes were fishes...
.500 would be good
and some competitive football for a change

WTH is a "very hair expectation"?

cos the first two things that crossed my mind are either dirty or misogynistic.

To have one QB that is consistant. We
can build a team around that!!!!!

Sorry Vuarra it should say high expectations
im not as perfect as you i guess

If the fans didnt have to grumble over the brutal beer prices :roll:

This is the dumbest thing I've read this month. Because it makes complete sense to do an exhaustive search for a new coach for a brutal football team and then fire him if they don't make the playoffs in his first season.

I truly hope this was sarcastic, otherwise it's just plain dumb.

Winning the East i think it,s up for grabs i;ll take that.

Perfect is not possible. I'd consider a good season one in which we make the playoffs. I'd consider an acceptable season one in which we play competitive football with energy and passion, so we can feel the team always tried hard and has potential for improvement.

The only way we could have a perfect season would be
if none of our opponents showed up for all 18 games
and we aquired 36 points in the win column by default.

Failing that scenario, I agree with stevehvh's opinion above.


It would be great if we win some play-off games next season

and even greater if we get to the Grey Cup,
and completely mind-blowing if we win it!

Once a team gets to the play-offs
in the CFL...anything is possible.

I'm hoping that was sarcasm.

I made a mistake last year, I think... no, I didn't... but it looks like I just made one :lol:

Actually, when those typos become other words, especially ones that have no other reason for being there, I usually ask what was meant.

If we muster a win on labor day the season must be deemed a success. anything else is just gravy. lol. seriously though i m hoping for a 7-8 win season.