what would a football game look like if...

it was played by identical androids or cyborgs, with the exact same capabilities and programming.

coached by the same cybernetic beings, and reffed by the same cybernetic beings.

A whole bunch of terminators reprogrammed.

like madden?

maybe then there would be no questions about bias officials?

...one of the things I like most about football is the fact that all the players are so different and unique in their abilities and size..take the other major sports as a comparison, other than the goalie in hockey, all the 'players' in the NHL, MLB, NASL and NBA are relatively interchangeable...unlike say a offensive lineman and a deep-threat wide receiver, or a linebacker and a QB...it's these very different humans shapes and sizes that need to pull together and work as a team that makes this sport, IMO, unique and fascinating

You would call Theo Fleury and Joel Otto interchangeable? ummm...OK...

Or Steve Nash and Amar'e Stoudemire?

Then the biggest determining factor would be the bounce of the ball.

Assuming that your androids (or whatever) are not "perfect". If, for example, the average player fumbles once every X touches, and your robots are programmed accordingly, when it does happen the bounce would probably determine the outcome of the game because it is the only variable which can not be planned. Maybe when my guy does it, it goes out of bounds and I retain possession. When your guy does, it happens to land at the feet of one of my players. The bounce remains an unpredictable wildcard.

By the way, anyone remember a video game called (I think) Cyberball? football with robots? Bloody hell, what a fun game that was... :thup:

...apparently the word 'relative' doesn't mean a whole lot to some

Yeah, Fleury would have made a great smaller sized puck moving defenceman... :roll:

…Fleury would’ve probably done anything you asked him to, but your point is noted, as petty as it may be…happy now rolly-eyes?

…I still maintain my original point, that among all professional sports, football players are by far the most varied in size and specialized in skill-sets

Petty... I wasn't the one making the ridiculous claim that you did... there are power fowards, pure goal scorers, defensive forwards, agitators, stay at home defenceman, face-off specialists, policemen... and there are examples of who would be the prototypes for all...

Now this I can agree with... to a point... this makes much more sense than the claim you made in your first post...

Maybe it would look like this:


..."relatively interchangeable' covers my claim nicely, I had my lawyer confirm that (for free even), so I guess we're good then...

…but probably more like this:


well, I guess that should also cover DBs who can also be plugged in as linebackers, or defensive ends that become slotbacks or fullbacks... relatively interchangeable...

...pffft, what a ridiculous claim, no way your lawyer backs that one up

The biggest difference between football and any sport is players actually have to buy in and work more as a team where as a sport like hockey or basketball if you have a talented individual the team can still be successful,

lol my video was cooler... If I was a pro football player Im certain Id be like Mike Vick in that commercial