What With BC and Weather..

Every Time The Lions Come To Town it Rains…
It is Expected to Rain with what is Left of Gustav
Friday and Saturday.
This Kills the walk up Crowd.
Last year we had Rain
Year Before we had a Heavy Rain Storm

When was last time we had Nice Weather for a BC Hamilton Game I Can’t Remember

Bring on the heavy rain! We have a great running game!

Looks like a forecast for nice weather tommorrow.


I remember a IWS tilt in the Jerry Tagge era that was bright and pleasant... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

8) I think I remember another game when Paul Brothers was their QB Russ !!! :lol:

Matt says we will be fine, ONknight.

I've attended numerous Tiger Cat - BC Lions games at IWS. It was a glorious evening weather wise when Matt Dunnigan got smoked. That hit ended his career prematurely. About a month and a half before that I met him in the Old Keg on Bowman St. - class act great person.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. :roll:

"rain" is called a "sunny day" in Vancouver. The Lions will feel like they are home.