What # will Zeke wear in WPG? 16 is taken?

What # will Zeke wear in Winnipeg? 16 is already taken!

I'd like to get my new Blue Bomber jersey made up in time for the game next Friday!

Are you freakin' kiddin me?
You're leaving the Ticat nation to cheer for the bombers?

I was sympathetic to your situation vis-a-vis your Moreno Jersey but you lost me when you claimed to have a Maas Shirt as well.
Boy, you sure know how to pick 'em.

Make sure you pick up a remaindered Tom Canada Jersey when you get to the Peg.

The words, "who cares" have never been so inadequate.

I've already got my Bomber's jersey.


You'll be happy to know that i just purchased a #80 Steve Stapler jersey!

I was just kidding about the BB jersey! I honestly was a huge Moreno fan. I know he wasn't playing that well this year but building a defense around this guy would have been awesome.

You should see my collection of jerseys

  1. Moreno
  2. Maas (both black and gold ones!)
  3. Bledsoe (Bills)
  4. Losman (Bills)
  5. Flutie (Bills)

The only good jerseys I have are Moreman (Bills) and Flutie (Boston College -which I will be wearing at the hall of fame game).

I have a lot of game worn jerseys too but never wear them.

Timmy Chang.............very nice!!!!!

Wear your Moreno ticat jersey with pride.
He played with pride while he was here and conducted himself with class in a difficult period.

i honestly have a problem with 2 things when it comes to jerseys

  1. wearing a jersey of a player who used to play on your team but is still active in the league

  2. a personalized jersey with your name / nickname on it

I like people with jerseys of players who aren't the stars (i was considering getting a dunbrack jersey last year just cuz i loved the way he played) i saw someone with a caulley jersey and a rodriguez jersey at the game last week, very impressed BUT if zeke can go now, anyone can go now

i also like people who have classic players like mosca or henley

Can’t go wrong with a #26 Garney Henley Jersey (my personal favourite). My second favourite is the #9 of Archie Amerson who left it all out there.

As for wearing a jersey of a player who was traded, I still wear my #42 Hitchcock Jersey with pride. Few players cared about the Cats as much as Rob.

i don't have any problems with the hitch jersey as he is no longer playing

it bothers me that people still wear their maas jerseys (i know a $20 sale at National Sport may have enhanced it) or the guy on the forum who is in love with Timmy Chang and will continue to wear his jersey.

Who gives a fuck what number he wears in Winnipeg he should still be in Hamilton. What number will Canada wear? Ward 4?

Terrible trade.

Canada will still wear 44 with Winnipeg next year as he didn't get traded to us after all.

It's more of a joke that I'm asking!

He will not wear a number lol

on the back it will read ZEK N Destroy Ticats. :thup:

Instead of a #, he will be the first to wear letters on his jersey, they will be F and U!

Whatever it may read it will for sure be toward ticats.

Couldn't have said it better.

The person that started this post is the one that cares.

He will wear 19!