what will we do with the first overall pick?

should we trade it, or are there any intriguing CIS DB’s, o-linemen or linebackers? i would like to see it spent on a DB, or traded for a good WR. Also there are two good canadian D- linemen in the NCAA, Jamaal Westerman of Rutgers and Keith Shologan of UCF who i posted about on another thread. I am not really familiar with any CIS players other than Sacobie of Ottawa, so feel free to tell me about any other prospects.

Prospects are hit and miss. Unless there is that one guy who really stands out, I would trade the pick, personally.

There are a lot of free agents every year and you are going to have a good shot at one of those guys turning out as a draft pick.

The cats picked up Moreno and Setta as free agents. It's just about the luck of the draw.

Trade it we have Too many Good Canadians Now.
Who will be depth
It is American Talent Where are in need of .

The draft is not what it is cracked up to be. You basically get the negotiation rights to 7 Canadians. So that ties up 56 players. Are these truly the best 56 Canadian players of draft age? Probably not!

The Canadian draft is set up so different. You can get drafted, like Sasha Glavic, come to training camp and then go back to school. Cheron did this as well in 99.

There is usually 1 or 2 can’t miss prospects in every draft, Fantuz from 2 years ago but we need to be realistic.

A player we draft will probably not start at the beginning of the year.

The “good” Canadians are acquire, not developed, through trade and free agency.

There are many cases of teams developing talent but the CFL is a what have you done for me lately league. You don’t have time to develop like the NFL. A few losing seasons in a row, trying to develop can turn into 10 in a heartbeat. Ask the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals.

In summary, it’s a combination of drafting the right players who can develop at the right pace, free agency of both Yankee and Canucks and trades.

I'd keep the pick because in spite of what Obie says the best CFL teams have the best Canadians. You can never have too many Canadians competing for roster spots. It must be remembered as well that even tho a player is drafted this year it is possible for him to go back to school for another year and try out again without the club forfeiting the rights. Since Canadian talent is at a premium I would never trade one unless I felt I was getting a better one back. The ratio is probably the single most difficult aspect of player selection that new coaches and GM's stuggle with. I just hope Taffe and Obie have longterm plans in this area. Americans are much easier to delete and insert due to the shear volume of quality players each and every season while Canadian talent demands more development spots (usually Canadians are used on special teams while they back up position players until they are ready)I hope this is why Obie is stating that Americans need to be good enough to start and its not purely a prejudice against Canadians.

If I was to guess at this early point, who would go number one in next years draft, I would guess it would be one of the following three guys:

Keith Shologan DT from UCF

Andrew Woodruff OG from Boise State

Dylan Barker Safety from Saskatchewan

I think Shologan will get a free agent try out with the NFL and might stick, like Corey Mace did with the Bills.

Woodruff is a junior and will return to Boise State next year, and might get a free agent look in the NFL in 2009

Barker looks like a good future Canadian safety.

This year, there is no Andy Fantuz or Jesse Lumsden, so this year I wouldn't be too upset if the Ticats traded the first pick if they could get could value for it.

Yep and none of those guys were first picks anyways. The first pick is overrated and if you look at all the best Canadian players in the league NONE of them were first picks.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Obie trade the 1st overall pick if he could get a decent veteran in return - somebody who could start at an area of need - like a receiver or DB.

Sounds like a very deep O-line crop for this year's draft but the Ticats already have plenty of young O-linemen including picks from last year who might be able to compete well in TC for 08.

I don't believe Westerman will qualify as a non-import for the CFL and thus won't be draftable, but I could be wrong on that.

Shologan might be a decent pick but not sure he's an impact starter type right away and again the team already has some young D-linemen like Bekasiak and Reid to go with vets like Dunbrack & Wayne.

Why load up on O or D linemen when the team already has plenty of young guys around that they recently drafted? Some CFL teams do this because the clowns in charge of personnel think Canadians should be slotted in at a few positions only on the roster and interior O-linemen and DTs are where NIs often get put. Smart teams will think outside this box and look to draft top players at all positions and where the team needs help.

Like to see them address an area of immediate need with the 1st overall pick - might be able to find a top receiver or else a good safety with 1st round picks for the upcoming draft. Dylan Barker (Sask. Huskies) - 1st team CIS all-star safety the past 2 seasons or Sam Giguere (Sherbrooke) at receiver might be smart picks - both these guys will be playing in the US college ball Shrine all-star game in a few weeks. Cory McNair (Western) and Sammy Okpro (Concordia) are a couple of other CIS all-star DBs and Terry Firr (Manitoba) & Erik Galas (McGill) are 2 big target (Ticats need more size at receiver IMO) CIS receivers -but these guys probably might be pickable after 1st round or even mid to later round picks.

Not sure there's going to be a few clear bluechip 1st round/1st overall type picks in the 08 draft, but IMO keeping draft picks, especially 1st rounders is usually a very good CFL idea; unless you can get a proven starter in return in a trade.

The Ticats have done a pretty good job with the draft over the past number of years in getting some quality players who could play in the CFL - Radlein, Barrencehea, Wayne Smith, Hage, Lumsden; and a number of young guys more recently - like Gagne-Marcoux, Reid, Bauman, Bekasiak, Dyakowski - are still around with some CFL experience now and who might become top notch starters. Keep using the draft as one good tool to help build the roster, PLUS, Obie is known for finding good young American players too and knows the current league players to acquire players as FAs or via trades. Smart teams will look far and wide and consider all sources of players to build a strong roster.

Tabbies should Draft the best prospect's From the Hammer :thup: to fill Hitch and MM,s shoes :thup:

Use the pick. You can never have too many top quality Canadians.

Also, I don't agree with the opinion of some that our Canadian talent is great. It's good, but not great. We have a couple of great Canadian players such as Lumsden and McKay-Loescher but too many of our Canadians are depth guys like Beveridge, Mariuz and Radlein.

And finally, we need more top flight Canadians because we have a couple of Canadians starting in non-traditional spots; such as Lumsden at RB and McKay-Loescher at DE. What happens if one of these guys gets hurt? We'd have to replace them with an import. Then we have to start fiddling with the ratio and start a Canadian somewhere else and take an import starter out of the lineup. We need to be prepared because you don't want to throw a backup quality Canadian into a starting role if he's not ready.

Load up on the best Canadians you can get your hands on.

I agree with PC45 that the Ticats should retain their Canadian draft picks in 2008. Although the Ticats do have a number of good Canadian players on their roster, a team that wins three out of eighteen regular season games in 2007 needs to improve its Canadian and American talent base.

And while Drexl is generally correct that it is difficult to draft a Canadian who will become a star player in the CFL, new Ticat GM Bob O'Billovich had a good track record in selecting capable players at the CFL Canadian Draft during his tenure as Director of Player Personnel of the B.C. Lions from 2003 to 2007. Here are the players selected by the Lions in the first two rounds of the CFL Canadian Draft from 2003 through 2007 and where they were playing in 2007:

Round 1- Paris Jackson (2007-Starting WR- BC Lions)
Round 2- Javier Glatt (2007- Starting MLB- BC Lions)

Round 1- Oshiomogho Atogwe (2007- Starting FS- St. Louis Rams)
Round 2- Nautyn McKay-Loescher (2007- Starting DE- Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

Round 1- Alexis Bwenge (2007- Backup FB- BC Lions)
Round 2- Pierre Tremblay (2007- Not on team)

Round 1- Jason Pottinger (2007- Backup MLB- BC Lions)
Round 1- Ricky Foley (2007- Backup DE- BC Lions)
Round 1- Steven (Dean) Valli (2007- Backup C- BC Lions)
Round 2- John Hameister-Ries (2007- Backup RG- BC Lions)

Round 1- Adam Nicolson (2007- Backup SB- BC Lions)
Round 2- Josh Bean (2007- OLB/Special Teams- Senior Year at Boise State)

It will be interesting to see how O'Billovich fares in his first CFL Canadian Draft as the Ticat GM.

With the draft being a bit of a lottery after the first two rounds, I think it's important to keep your top picks.

There have been some good players develop around the league from those top picks. We've seen a few of ours traded and used to do that by other teams. No more. :thdn:

in my opinion, the tiger-cats have had plenty of opportunities to stock their team with quality first round picks and canadians overall, they are not hurting for canadians at least to give up the '08 first pick to a team that is desperate to upgrade their canadian content. i think it’s time for obie to hold other teams over the barrel to address other more pressing needs instead of taking the first pick. i’m not saying pull a ditka and trade away your whole draft but the difference in skill from a first overall to a second rounder is negligible especially in light of obie’s take on canadians and starting more than what you have to.
trade the pick to calgary for rambo or something
or t.o. for bruce.

city legend

Obie and BC passed on drafting Fantuz in 06 - big mistake IMO; picking Atogwe, who was a pretty sure fire NFL prospect was a waste of a 1st round draft pick, just like the Argos did with Nick Kaczur - better to lay off those guys in the first round - too much of a gamble; though agreed BC have done a pretty good job of drafting in the past few years - I'd rate only the Als better since around say 2000, but the Ticats would be easily in the top half of CFL teams in terms of quality picks / guys who helped the team in this period.

We traded the number one pick a couple of years ago in order to get Corry Holmes and let him rot on the bench. That number one pick turned out to be Fantuz, who would argueably be the best reciever if he was on the Cats roster.

I liked the people Calgary picked last year in the draft Mike Gyetvai, Jabari Arthur and Kevin Challenger but they were all going back to play their senior year. They are taking a long term gamble but one that I think is well worth it if they play and start in a few years.

Sam Giguere from Sherbrooke has impressive stats and test results, he'd be someone I would take a look at. He's got a 40' vertical, 4.4 speed, 23 bench press reps at 225 lbs and was second in the CIS in receptions with 45.

Win-loss record would say otherwise, but we have picked some good players. Lumsden was one of few to make an immediate impact though, Smith was another, but others are still developing.

That pick was first overall in the Ottawa dispersal draft (which was used to take Joseph).

We traded the #1 pick that Edmonton used to draft Braidwood. Fantuz went #3 that same year, but I'm not sure if they acquired that pick in a trade.

Radlein started as a rookie and had an excellent season at fullback when the position was used smartly.
Barrenechea (a 4th round pick) started at MLB and had a very good (& under-rated) season IMO. Hage is now a solid starter on the O-line. Those guys combined with Smith & Lumsden, plus a good number of picks from the past 2 drafts who have made the roster and played some (and a few of whom I bet will be solid to top players in the league for years), are pretty good evidence that the team has done some decent drafting since 03 anyways.

The win-loss record indicates some other prominent problems in the complex equation that determines football Ws & Ls - lack of Canadian talent or poor drafting have not been signifigant factors, compared to some other big problem parts IMO, that have resulted in lots of losses.

Considering Hamilton is one of two teams using an import kicker, maybe hanging on to draft picks would be wise unless they can get a proven NI starter as part of a deal.

Setta may be gone anyways If He Sign in his FA Window.
I hope he stays.