What Will We Do When CFL Folds?

What a dumb post typical CFL negativety. CFL is here to stay as long as WE support our teams CFL would easily survive without Toronto, why don't we say some positive stuff about the league instead of negative all the time. This crap has been going on for years and the dam media is the worst, you say enough bad stuff some will eventually believe it.

I think you and 05 should go read what this topic is about...

Steve, good post there about Rob Longley. The guy sounds like he needs to make himself feel like a big shot which amounts to it being obvious the guy is a little worm. "Deal with it CFL fans", what a joke, oh Rob, don't worry, we're a lot tougher than you think, we'll deal with it, don't worry. I doubt you are a real gridiron fan if you have to make yourself look like some arrogant big shot, why don't you go cry and go to mommy buddy. You know, while I'm a fan of both the CFL and NFL, there are times like this when I read something from a tool that makes me hope that Toronto never, ever gets an NFL team even though I can see potential postive effects for the CFL from a Toronto NFL team depending on a few things.

Certainly if I read more stuff like this and if there is no positive outcome of the Bills games in Toronto, no way in the world will I spend a cent going to an NFL game in Toronto, ever.

So we are assuming once again are we chief. ITiy must be infatuated with me that you have need to mention me in all your posts.How do you know I have not read this thread? The fact is in the past two years Berezin has posted what doomsday posts over and over. The fact is if the NFL comes ot will be one game at a time. You can not force the people of Toronto not to go to the game. They go regarless to the game in Buffalo. Yes the media is down on the CFL because it ticks of guys like Berezin and guess what people are dumb enough to continue reading and lsitening to these media types. You respond to them and they will continue writing it. This whole idea the CFL will sink out of existance because of Toronto getting an NFL team is nothing but a dream. What show was it where Tom Cruise says "Show me the Money" I would like to see these loud mouths in Toronto to show the money that see this billion dollars your going to spend on a franchise. Oh and how long will be will they have poor attendance issues. Ubtil this loud mouths show the money there will be no NFL franchise. And if they do get one the CFL will be alive and kicking. :roll:

I hear you Earl.
I don't care if this guy prefers American football.
But why does he basically have to insult the hundreds of thousands of CFL fans in this country.
And at the same time sound like a raving lunatic doing it?
YOu have to figure this guy is trying to prove something to someone.
Maybe he's trying to fit in with the other dinosaurs in the Taranna media?
This guy is an embarassment to journalism if you ask me.

Agree berezin. How could anyone with a few brains write something as kindergarten sounding as "deal with it CFL fans". I'm actually embarrassed for the journalists who have a head on their shoulders that they have to say this guy is part of their profession. Unreal.

Sorry Chief, but 05 is totally right on this one. Berezin's posts are all negative, I'm really starting to wonder if he really is one of those media guys just trying to stir up sh!t in here. I have not seen him start a thread OTHER than the doomsday posts about the CFL. All of his threads tie into the demise of the league in some fashion.

My advice to you berezin is to STOP with all these idiotic threads about the CFL folding if the NFL comes to Toronto. If it happens , it happens.. but my guess is the CFL will thrive with or without a team in Toronto, as the league has great numbers outside of the 'Center of the Universe'. Maybe berezin, you should try to travel outside the GTA and see how fans in other cities feel about this league, it would be a real eye opener for you, I'm sure.

I don't know who you are or what you're talkin' about pal.

But this thread is a hypothetical situation if you can understnad what hypothetical means.
Becuase like it or not the media brings it up every day.

I said it won't happen, but how would we react if it did? Its a discussion group, and people are discussing it.

If people weren't interested, the thread would go away. Like many of yours do. But it hasn't.

And to comment on what the media says about our league is nothing wrong in my books.

And considering many of my threads get over 2000 views, including from you, I can't see what your problem? I mean who made you king of the world?

Part of the problem here guys is geography. I suspect that most posters on cfl.ca are from out west, at least in the general forum. But the few of us who are from Ontario, and especiall southern Ontario, Toronto and immediate area, and who are big CFL fans, are surrounded by people who really do want the CFL to die or just don't care about it but so want Toronto to get an NFL team, it is a big issue in this area and does consume our thoughts if you love the CFL and want it to flourish.

sambo, I agree, travelling outside of this GTA area would be good for us, actually maybe living outside of this area would be good, but this is where we work and our jobs are and other factors so it's not always easy.

berezin, maybe sometimes we could not dwell on this as much though as maybe too much consumption of negative thoughts isn't all that positive for our own health, so to speak. But from time to time, for sure.

This whole NFL to Toronto fantasy is nearly a carbon copy the NFL to Montreal movement before the Alouettes folded.

The whole city, the media, the mayor were convinced the NFL was coming to Montreal, if not next year, the year after.

The mayor and his delegation went on numerous junkets to meet with the NFL bigwigs and their were daily columns about how the NFL was coming, the NFL is coming!...if they only could get rid of the pesky CFL. That was their only stumbling block to the promised land.

Their media frenzy was eerily similar to the NFL in Toronto circus today. The columnists had blinders on, caught up in the NFL hysteria, and they left all their common sense at the doorstep, feeding off each other in a feeding frenzy.

As evidenced by Brunt, Longely and others in the Toronto media, they have suspended reality in their blind promotion of this idea. From the outside we can see what folly they are perpetrating, but in Toronto, it makes perfect sense...but only if you are forced to breath their mercury and lead infused air.

These Toronto writers seem to think by downgrading the CFL and their fans, that somehow that will convince their readers that the NFL is a done deal.

The sequence of events are clear. Just wait for Ralph Wilson to die. Outbid any other American billionaire for the team. Get approval for the franchise move to Canada. Convince Toronto ciy council to offer bigger tax incentives to Ted Rogers than any other competing American city for their bid. Then have the City donate land for a new NFL stadium. Then have the provincial and federal govt's to chip in, say, a quarter billion each to help fund the new stadium (leaving Ted to come up with the remaining half a billion for the stadium, after paying over a billion for the franchise). Then find a Canadian TV network willing to pay $US100 Million a year for the TV rights to match what NFL teams receive from their TV contract (or do they expect the NFL to give them the $100M a year for nothing?) Or will they keep using CBS/FOX Buffalo stations as their home broadcasters?? (after all they are in the same market).

I could go on and on. And I will...

I talked to so many Montrealers back then who were totally convinced the NFL was coming. So much so it led to the demise of their CFL franchise through lack of fan support.

The jaded Toronto media is attempting the same tactics. Just get rid of these "stubble-jumping" hick CFL fans and the golden highway will be paved for the NFL to Canada.

If the NFL is so popular in Canada, why do only 5,000 Canadians have Bills season's tickets? Yep, according to a Bill's press release, that is the total Canadian addresses who buy season tickets. The Bills estimated that about 10,000 Canadians attend their annual "Canada Day" game. Canadian attendance did spike higher when the Argos' Flutie moved his show to Buffalo, but then fan support soon dropped off to their current levels.

And perhaps Longley might check his other "facts". The Eastern Final crowd was 34,000 and they drew 41,000 for a regular season game...not the 30,000 fan ceiling that Longley claims.

That is more tickets than any NFL American Bowl ever sold in Canada, and more fans that will probably buy tickets for his vaunted preseason game (to watch some scrubs who couldn't make a CFL practice squad, play).

Another ruse is the claim that the Bills will move north, because Buffalo can only sellout 162 of their 165 luxury boxes. Rogers Center only has 75 luxury boxes and as the Grey Cup organizers recently discovered, most of them were filthy and unused since the last GC fifteen years earlier.

Montreal is still waiting for their "sure thing" NFL team, which seems so laughable today. So dream on Toronto media, but perhaps they should take a deep breath of some fresh prairie air, it might clear their heads.

I think they get those views just out of morbid curiosity more than anything else. People want know what complaint about the Toronto media do you have now? You are more of circus sideshow-- look at what the freak has to say now.

Oh Sambo.
You've hurt my feelings.
Then again I'd rather be a freak then just boring.
And like I say.
If nobody was interested, noobody would read them and respond.
And the thread would disappear.
Like your posts do.
Have a nice day.

And Earl.
We don't have a CFL team here in London.
So I comment on CFL issues.
And like you say, in this area, the issue is always NFL vs CFL.
I mean what other forum should we discuss CFL issues? Womens Home Journal?
I just report what I read for discussion.
And people discuss it.
So some don;t like my threads?
Boo hoo.

If the CFL dies . . . smaller leagues will increase in popularity, new leagues would start up, lesser leagues would merge.

We would begin hearing things like: The Prairie Football League (PFL), Ontario Candian Football (OCF), League Quebecois du Football (LQF) and my personal favourite . . . Great North Football (GNF - to be played exclusively above the 55th parallell!)

We woud see new rules interpreted by different territories & intense new rivalries bred out of absolute team pride.

Some teams may even survive: The Saskatchewan Roughriders would be Contenders in the PFL. The Allouettes contenders in LQF. Smaller, intimate arenas would become acceptable and cities that we never imagined could get a pro team, would get teams.

Then after we all got used to how things were and enjoying our new brands of football around this great Country, leagues would begin to merge and soon we would have a new nation wide league called . . . The Canadian Football League.

An organization may fall but football never will.

Good point Thryllin about football surviving forever, well, for a very long time. A lot of people forget that the Grey Cup will be won year after year after year, pro league in Canada or otherwise. Sure, it may not have the significance if people deem amateur football in this country to be not worth spending money or time to watch it as a spectator in large numbers, but the fact remains, the Grey Cup will be won CFL or no CFL.

This is one differentiating fact about the Grey Cup vs the Vince Lombardi trophy, the former is not dependendent on professionalism while the later is.

Lose an argument and start to insult, clever move, why didnt I think of that? :roll: :roll:

The thing is the CFL could survive without Toronto, and if that bothers you so much , then so be it. Keep dreaming in your fantasy world, berezin.

You know what, you keep right on telling yourself that you are an important part of an internet forum. If that makes you feel like a big man, then you have a very sad life, my friend. I really couldn't care less that my posts are read/not read, because I have a life outside of this forum, which you apparently do not-- but go ahead, keep making yourself look foolish, and we can all enjoy the good laugh at your expense. :lol: :lol: :lol:

The problem Berezin, Sambo is correct. The only issues you bring to the forum is doomsday of the cfl and the fact the media reports on the NFL. They do that in every city in Canada. Of course we do not have the pipe dream of an NFL franchise moving here. But realy what is yourpoint of writing this trash to be hassed over and over. It is the same everytime you post. I have yet to see you post on any other subject. Sambos theory could be correct. Your here to only do what the Toronto Media you hate so much does. Your paasing their garabage onto here. So basically your aidingthem in their quest. Funny! Berezin if I am wrong please show me where you have posted on any other subject matter . I challenge you.

Actually I think you are wrong about this, I believe that what the CFL could not do during expansion was to mandate that a certain percentage of their players had to be Canadian on a US team. I would suspect that the NFL could not mandate that a team based in Canada would have to have x number of Americans.

Just look at the NHL, lots of Canadians playing on US based teams.

Assuming? No.

If you had actually bothered to read his post, you would have realized that it was a light-hearted hypothetical question, not a doomsday post.

Actually, you did:

If you guys have some sort of beef with each other, take it to private message!

Wrong Chief again you assumed I did not read his post. You do that alot do you wish for me to bring up daid subject matter you apologized for. No I do not think that is necessary. I read the post and to me it was a doomsday post yet again. I challenge Berezin dod a post on anything but what he has done so far. But I am sure he can not find one. Sambo by the way was correct.