What Will We Do When CFL Folds?

Lets say the pundits are right, and if the NFL comes to Toronot the CFL will die.
How will the hundreds of thousands of CFL fans throughout this coutnry react?

Will they all rally around Toronto's football team?
Or will the sport of football basically die a slow death, and become as insignificant as baseball or basketball? And will Toronto be hated even more by the rest of the coutnry?

I wonder how us CFL fans would react if the CFL did die, and we were left with no pro league to call our own?

Personally I think football in this conuntry would die with the CFL. The NFL would not create a boom in the game. Just like baseball and basketball have had very little impact.

I think there would be a huge hole in the Canadian sporting landscape. And we, even in Hogtown, would regret losing our national football league that has fans from coast to coast and is 100% Canadian owned.

It'll never happen, but like a comet hitting the earth, it doesn't hurt to speculate.

You talk about Putting a lot people out of Work. I think it Effect the Economy of Canada
all Those summer and Fall Jobs Lost.

I hoping I never see that day

no way, if there was an NFL team here it would be just like the Leafs. Sell outs every week and everyone wearing merchandise. The team could lose every game and still sell out. I would bet they could fill a 75, 000 seat stadium.

OK, seriously get your facts straight. Ralph Wilson said he is NOT moving to Toronto. And would this be bad for Canada. If your a real football fan you would go to the game just to watch the game.

Oh and did the CFL fold in the nineties when the NFL played games here? Dont think so.

When the WFL tried to come to Canada in 1974 with a team in Toronto to be called the Toronto Northmen (a singularly unimaginative nickname for a football team, but I digress), then-Prime Minister Trudeau stepped in and introduced in April 1974 the Canadian Football Act, to prevent a foreign football league from operating in Canada.

The WFL moved the proposed franchise to Memphis, and since the necessity was no longer present, the proposed Canadian Football Act was never passed into law.

Would our current federal government have the cojones to try that again? If they wanted to, could they do so now, given NAFTA?

I do not have the answers to those 2 questions, and I hope we never need to find out.

One question guys:

How would you feel if at the Bills game in Toronto next year that is going to happen apparently, if before the game there is a tribute to the CFL/Argos and Grey Cup and with an announcement like:

“The NFL is honoured to be here to play a regular season game in Toronto, home to the storied Canadian Football League franchise Toronto Argonauts. Together the NFL and CFL are forging ahead to make new football fans everywhere across this great continent.”

see my buddy is trying to convince me that it won;t hurt th cfl into folding and i do agree.

He idea is simple and it goes like this

  1. how many people in T.O are actually die hard about the cfl or any other team in the league?
  2. no CFL fans outside T.O really truly care about the argo's
  3. the true fans of the CFL will never die
  4. What other city is honestly going to sacrifice their CFL team for the NFL?

Why is everyone so sure that is there is a CFL team in Toronto the CFL will fold?
Are people in Montreal going to stop going to see tha Als because there is an NFL team?

How about BC
The answer is no.
Toronto is no so important to the league that we cant survive without them.

The was a news report here last week that Claimed that the NFL is more interested in comming to Montreal than it is Toronto.

True or not it was reported.

Why are we still talking about this?

I thought I'd bring this up as a hypothetical situation. Because its been mentioned so many times by the same old dinosuars in the Hogtown media.

So I am looking at the worst case scenario, and how my fellow CFL fans would react.

I'm not saying it will happen. In fact it won't happen. But it is worth a discussion

berezin - lol - that's cool... I'm just a little crusty today...

What would I do? Read more. Watch more soccer. More snuggle time with the wife. She hates football and puts up with me watching it...
In other words i think we would mourn the loss of our beloved league and then find other things to do.....

the NFL in Montreal - now that's news!

They should certainly (at least) invoke the job protection rules that exist in our country. The NFL's expectation would certainly be that they can employ whoever they want. However, there are Canadian professional football players, so shouldn't the NFL be forced to employ them if a team was permanently be based in Canada?

The US did it to the CFL when we expanded down there. No Canadians were playing on any of the US rosters.

Watch hockey

Now THAT’s an interesting point, Yukoner!!

What can I say,
I was going to post the clip but I forgot about it and erased it from the PVR

My routine wouldn't change much. :?


I'd probably still watch the NFL to get my football fix, but I'd boycott the Toronto team! :smiley:

I look at the title and right away I do not need to know who posted. Berezin the doomsday man is at it again.

There was an article in todays (Jan 28th) Edmonton Sun newspaper about this. Rob Longley said "The question is not should the NFL come to Toronto, but when will it arrive, so deal with it CFL fans, especially the irrational and xenophobic among you. Face it, Toronto already is an NFL market in a CFL town. The number of southern Ontario fans crossing the Peace Bridge for Bills home games suggest it and TV ratings confirm it. And if Toronto CFL fans really cared, they might go to the odd Argos game." and it goes on.

Now I am a HUGE CFL fan and do not care for the NFL brand. We see post after post on this topic. If we take off our CFL fan cap and look at the big picture, can this really happen? Could Toronto get an NFL team or is this one of those "Anti CFL" columnists that seem to spread their "Anti CFL" propganda amongst the Toronto newspapers?

For those who want to read the entire article here it is.

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/Comment/2008/01/28/4797386-sun.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/Comment/2008 ... 6-sun.html[/url]

It's just....not....going....to....happen!!!