What will Tillman's first move as GM be?

damn, I keep trying to forget that slamcanoe exist. Took the CFL far too long to get rid of them and their grossly pathetic fan huddle forums. Did ya really have to go and remind me, sigh

How about hire a new baby sitter?

Seriously though he’ll sign a free agent first, it’s that time of year.

arnt all babysitters free agents??

touché :lol:

I think Ritchie is gone replaced with Matt Dunigan maybe.
May very well happen

all week in the interviews, E.T. has been really giving amazing props to saskatchewan, its organization, and all the people of the province. i have honestly never heard anyone speak so highly of the province and all the things about it. At least from anyone not from the province.

I think the first goal of his is to start looking for Canadian Talent. probably signing some, and starting to look into the draft. by all accounts, Edmonton should get the first pick next year. and if anyone is in the suplimental draft, they might trade up for that as well. Calgary got a great pick with forzanni in the S. draft. just depends who decides to hold out i spose.

I am honestly very Happy for him. People who do things wrong, need to be aloud to work again. we hate it when its up to the govenment to pay for criminals and such. AND TILLMAN WAS EXCUSED OF ALL CHARGES. The laws made by the people we vote for have excused E.T. and left him with no criminal record. the system Canada built has said he is free, and i will agree with the law being followed. He has not shyed away from the questions about his personal life at all. the man has regret and remorse. Edmonton had a great GM. i just wish it was a different team and that edmonton would have kept D.M. instead. would have been way better for Calgary

On the radio this morning, Mike Richards made a point of only talking football with E.T. and i felt the interview was amazing. One thing that was interesting… TIllman said he almost ook a job with another club at the beginning of the season, but was under a non disclosure act. Anyone know what team it might have been? HE was very strong this morning talking about needing more Canadian talent.

Having spoken to Dunigan about the Esks he'd only be interested in an HC position (not OC as some have suggestedhere and/or elsewhere). The thing is, I'm not 100% confident that MD sees eye-to-eye with ET.

I also don't think that RH sticks around to be DC. And to be honest, I hope it's not offered to him. I want a guy who won't try to build a D around one guy - like RH did with Mo Loyd. IF a player becomes a game breaker within a given scheme (e.g. Cam Wake) that's one thing. But I look at solid Ds and they tend to play as a team fully and completely with a trust that comes from understanding each other's role.

...don't know if you heard the interview about an hour before that with Dunnigan or not but Matt was singing high praise for Eric and his new role in Edmonton...sounded like a job audition...makes you wonder....

i missed that one! i think i will download it now. he has mentioned he was sad he didnt get a second kick at the cat when he did coach. then they had barker on as well. it was a good football morning. i missed the scott taylor one as well. but he gets on my nerves.

I just do not see MD as a head coach again. He fizzled in Calgary, there was NO chemistry between him, the fans or players. Just seemed out of place.


Dunnigan's been "running for office" for a while now.


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