What will Tillman's first move as GM be?

that's right.

will he trade? fire? release? hire?

With NFL cuts happening - and the fact that the Esks scouts likely have had their eyes on several guys - that's going happen simultaneously with the release of some players.

I'd like to think that they'd trade, but there's not much they can give away and get a return for.

I could think of a few players that could be traded for talent in needed locations..

they are loaded on Defense and on the RB area.

I'd like to see us trade for draft picks.

Loaded? how so???

RB, we have 4 active. 1 Imp and 3 NIs. With Whitlock out for the season and Ciezki, FB and STs just 9-gamed they're thin. They're not going to move either Bertrand (FB) or McCarty (RB). Lester (RB) started last game in place of AW but didn't show much. Fils (RB) is an NI, but a rook and on the PR. Beyond that... I heard something about another IMP RB coming in, but chances are he'll be up against Lester and only one will stick.

On D, injuries have caused a need for depth.
DLine, They're using everyone they have in rotation and for STs and can't really spare the bodies. When Peach comes back off the 9 game (he's been practising) that will free up all of one spot. But the way things go, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the other guys went on the IR.
LBs, Same situation as line. Restelli coming back will help, but there's only one guy on the PR so depth is needed. Mo Loyd will have to be re-assessed big time. He's not being the leader he was supposed to be, quite the contrary. I could see trying to trade him, but at his age there wouldn't be much return. Even so, don't look for that move until the off season.
DBs may be the only area with an overload... but as that group is still a work in progress (see how they're still playing with combos) I don't see many guys being expendable at this stage.

So would I.. but
a) who do you get rid of now that would net them a decent pick and not leave a gaping hole,
b) when is the right time to do that? When your still in the hunt - albeit by a thin thread, or once your out?

I'd love to trade Kelly Campbell for either Chad Owens or Andre Durie(sp?)

I'd love it too. But those guys have shown to be reliable in clutch situations. KC hasn't proven himself as a go to guy, only as a periodic big play maker (and inconsistent even there)... so the trade would have to be deeper from the Esks. And no more trading away drafts!!

Mo Lloyd is only 27!

good point... though that makes it worse because he looks like an LB nearing the end of his career at times.

I think Ritchie is gone replaced with Matt Dunigan maybe.

That's laughable. Eric going to find trading with the Argos a little more difficult now that Adam Rita isn't caling the shots anymore. Adam was always good for a 1st or 2nd round pick for a stiff like Campbell. Those days are over with Jim Barker calling the shots in Argoland.

If Hall is fired I don't think it will be until the end of the season since Tillman and Hall have a history. We don't know how much of the coaching staff were Hall's hires and how many were forced on him but if Hall does still have the room then I wouldn't be surprised to see those coaches who were forced on Hall being let go and replaced with Hall's guys.

Yes they have history but I don't think it is one of warm cozy feelings. Tillman passed Richie over for the head coacing job when Austin left. I hope Hall is allowed to stay he also deserves a 2nd chance as much as Tillman did.

Tillman passed over Hall twice for the head coaching job; first time he hired Austin, second time he hired Miller.

He's stated that the direction he's taking is to upgrade the non-import depth pool. The general idea is until there's a quality pool of non-import talent everything is moot. I'd guess some of his first moves will be aquiring draft picks and non-import talent, aside from the usual signings to practice rosters and whatnot.

To be honest, I think Edmonton's playoff dreams are already dead, and have been for a couple weeks. BC and Winnipeg have shown improvement the last two weeks. Edmonton hasn't. The last playoff spot will be occupied by one of those two teams.

So I say start the rebuild now. Start evaluating coaches and players. Try to trade some talent for draft picks. Cut guys who have no value.

Yeah, I can't see Hall surviving. Tillman will probably keep him for the last 8 games, but come the off-season he'll be gone.

:D I never said it would be good for Toronto, I said I'd love it!

his first move will be to blame his issue in sask on Paopao

"I like Richie, I respect him. We've got a great personal relationship through the years," Tillman said. "During my challenging period I've heard from him often. We're in a business where there are no promises."

Meaning relationship or not, Tillman's second-choice head coach is not guaranteed his job for the rest of the season.

"I've learned that you never make absolute statements in this business," Tillman said. "It's my hope, it's my desire that Richie's here not only through this season but for years to come. This is a results-oriented business and we understand that. You make no promises other than I am going to everything I can to help him be successful and I'm hoping for the best."


Not sure if these comments are the "kiss of death" or whether Hall will be given a chance. You could read them either way.