What will this years Ticats ad Slogon Be

With 2008 Season Coming closer and closer
What Will Ticats throw at Us for a Slogon
Last year was Hammer Time.

What will it be there year.
Make you guess hear

Restore the Roar is my Guess.

I don't know what this years slogan will be but I'd be pretty disappointed if they had to resort to one that was used by the previous regime. We must have enough original thinkers on staff that we can come up with something new.

In the past they could have used....

"Where nice guys finish last"

2008: fast outta the gate.

At least that's what the players/coaches should be thinking. We need to win early and build momentum. Most important game of the year by far will be week one!!!

"Can't be Worse Than Last Year!"

Careful 45… we still haven’t had an 0-18 season… oh @#$! didn i just jinx it…?

Remember the ownership is trying to build a franchise(or fan base) to the newer, younger generations. And the way to to that is through consistancy, and repetition. It’s an advertising tactic called ‘brand implanting’

I’d bet Labour Day tickets that
“Hammer Time” isn’t going anywhere.

"Can't touch this..." ?

The home of NO surprise......

"Tiger Cat Football. At least we're not the Argos!"

"Enjoy the Game But Don't Wander Around the Stadium"

Anything better than the NY Jets: Just End The Season...

It should be, At Least We Aren’t Raising Beer Prices! (Subject to change without notice)

"Our stadium has good sight lines"

"Ticket prices are skyrocketing, but most seats are actually going down in price!?"

This time we mean it?

Dont pay the bills, support the Ticats!!!

One motto we don’t want any more:
“If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em”
(which was brought to you in 2007 by the Desjardins “caisse populaire” interest free no-payback lending program)

"We're Green with Envy"

Thats what I told everyone last year and look!

As for slogans this years one will be: