What will this weeks attendance be?

Two strong markets... Two mid range markets.... I say 123216.
What's your guess?... Closest gets bragging rights I guess...lol... No it's not the Price's Right, going over counts as long as you are the closest.



I guess Vancouver is going through a heat wave right now......lol... The lower guesses so far probably have a better chance...

unless the game has 38 k today.. then I lose

Well, according to this site, over 122,000 but under 123,000, so in between the various guesses forthcoming in this thread. Pretty good all around.

official tally = 122,630
(off by 166)


122630.... tangle gets the V... it would of been more fun if more people had played.... ill try again on wednesday.

you posted that while i was posting it too...lol

Okay, this week, I'm in.