What will they said about McDaniels?

People criticized the hell out of Bill Belichick for his 4th and 2 gamble last week. What will they say about his former protege, Josh McDaniels?

First Denver tried an onside kick. It was the third quarter, and the Broncos were down 13-3. Failed miserably. I don't know what the Denver players were thinking, but they all ran by the ball. San Diego recovered in Denver territory, and they scored a TD.

Later in the third quarter, with just under 4 minutes left, and with Denver down 20-3, McDaniels decided to gamble again! It was fourth and 5 on San Diego's 40-yard line. As you'd expect, the pass was incomplete, and the Chargers took over on their 40, and they're now marching down the field.

Personally, I think both gambles were kind of dumb... particularly the 4th and 5 gamble.

Looks to me like Denver's panicking a little...

when your down 20-3 and under 4 minutes left your on the fringe of 4 down ball...i think the first one was a rookie head coach mistake ( i think hes a rookie isnt he?) but the 4ht and 5 you have 4 minutes and down by 3 scores you have to go for it

He is a rookie, yeah. The problem I have is they were down so much because he kept gambling. The Chargers scored 10 points off of those mistakes. I probably wouldn't have started playing four down football until the fourth quarter.

Like I said, I think Denver might be panicking a bit. They started 6-0, and since then they've gone 0-4, and they've lost control of the division. Things are getting tense in Denver. I saw a headline that said the players are fighting with each other. :?

ya i read that too and your right i was only referring to the 4th and 5 in the 4th quarter, the others are kinda hard to figure out lol and they are panicking lol maybe they arent used to maintaing a winning streak they decided to go back to losing all the time instead. :smiley: