What will they have to whine about now, real grass merged

Announced today, Edmonton will be installing artificial turf, will be in place prior to season start.

they will probably screw up on the drainage. :twisted:

Srsly? That's surprising!

While I like the grass from a bygone era,Im suprised they havent done this years ago.

And also I read somewhere online a few weeks back while checking out the turf for the Jays,a few unofficial studies,where they looked at injuries on turf and natural grass in football,turf had about 5% more injuries then grass,but grass had more serious injurys due to the uneven playing field,because of the natural soil compaction and being used by sports teams.

March 9, 2010

Eskimo Staff

Wednesday morning City Council will determine if Commonwealth Stadium’s natural grass with be replaced with artificial turf for the upcoming 2010 season.

The $2.6 million dollar project, a cost-sharing agreement between the City and the Eskimos, would help ease maintenance expenses and would allow other events at the stadium without sacrificing the quality of the field.

“Due to challenges in ensuring field quality, along with maintenance expense, flexibility to accommodate a variety of events, rest time required by natural grass fields, and impact of inclement weather, the Edmonton Eskimos and the Community Services Department are in agreement that the natural grass field at Commonwealth Stadium should be replaced with an artificial turf field,? the report said.

Keep checking esks.com for updates to this story.

I think that concert last season that damaged the field so much that the grass was practically dead for 2 months really illustrates that part of the report.

Yes it does Blue Blood.And remember they are going to have another major concert again by U2 playing on the field this year.

Great move, as I said on the TiCats forum, this opens it up to more community uses and prevents some real bad surfaces, and I'm not talking mud, but surfaces that become frozen or have become frozen at Grey Cup time and little balls of dirt frozen that are horrible to play on. Good move by Edmonton. :thup:

And who is the "they" you are referring to?

...probably these guys:

...man, they complain about almost everything

when you that old, what else is there to do?

LOL.. Red and White.. You actually made me laugh... Too funny

Honestly, it's great news. The grass is great for early in the season and over the summer but really becomes a subpar surface when the temperatures drop. Plus with artificial turf they can use the surface a lot more whereas grass would wear out.

Oh yea for Dust. And for RedandWhite as per the picture of old fellas: you and I are going to get there. :expressionless:

Mostly those who are GREEN WITH ENVY!

when you that old, what else is there to do?

:D Red and White ...well for one thing I guess they could work on their dentures or constipation or incontinence issues instead of complaining so much ... :P

I guess as Dust put it, going away from grass is the prudent move after all? Is there any practical reason to keep it given the feedback below?

Otherwise for the whiners here are some possible mental snapshoots of those dudes from left to right:

  1. “Where the hell am I and what I am doing here? What the hell is going on? I can’t remember.”

  2. “You know I think I used to know that gal over there but what was her name? …wow nice day today …I wonder which senior buffet we are going to tonight?”

  3. “Hey! You lookin’ at me? Bah get on with it you damn hoodlum and mind your own (expletive) business!”

  4. “Wow am I happy to feel regular again after that healthy double from this morning. I sure hope I can pull it off tomorrow morning again too.”

Is the new USL soccer team playing there? They might complain a little.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/eskimos-get-green-light-for-new-turf]http://www.cfl.ca/article/eskimos-get-g ... r-new-turf[/url]

Good for Edmonton, I wasn't an artifical turf fan, but they have improved on the material so much now it's not the 80's anymore

Most of the new artificial turf is as good as or very close to a grass surface anyways, and you don't have to water it and worry about over-use of the field. I know having a grass surface helps attract soccer events, but they can probably more than fill the void by allowing the community to use the field.

Not to mention a lower laundry bill. Those grass stains can be hard to get out!

Any word on which type of carpet they're laying?