what will the score be Tonight in BC

Okay Folks ,
What do think the score will be with Final Gun goses off around 1:30 AM

ticats 13 BC 32.

Reason I say that is Cats have never had good lucky going to BC and winning .

23-20 for the good guys :thup:

TiCats Win!!! 17-10

i'll take the win but one or 2 more scores would be better :smiley:

Sadly, Lions 54, Ticats 0

:thdn: booooooooo

edit: wait are you doing some kinda reverse jinx or something?

reality check, maybe they will respond in a good way

ticats 54, lions 0 feel better :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope the Dan LeFevour who won the game against Ottawa shows up instead of the one who lost against Winnipeg? I know it's not the QB's fault all the time and it's a team effort to win so lets hope everyone on the Cats show up to play and win tonight!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!!


wait is this a jinx? :wink:

Cats 34 - BC 30

OK seriously: Tabies 25

Leos 24

Oskee wee wee Oskee wa wa Tigers Eat em Raw!!!

I picked LeFevour and Fantuz in the TSN pool this week, so I hope they light it up.

Any team with KG at the controls can be beaten.

30 to 24, Hamilton.

that would be swell.. with a missed field goal by BC with no seconds left and we frantically get the ball out of the end zone FTW!!!

Lions 37 - 12
The Lions like the Bombers just have to keep LeFevour in the pocket.

24-23 for somebody - just not sure who yet. :stuck_out_tongue: