what will the Saturday BC - SASK score be ?

ok people - its obvious the lions will beat’em 35 to 15 with old time football. (will Williams be back?)
Don’t try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll. I’ve got that old time feeling. Break out the dirty 30 sweaters.
The gold rush is over and the Bum’s rush begun.

Can never get enough talk about dirty 30.

Any news on what's up with Williams' case with the CFL?

Williams should get a heavy weight belt for knocking out Khan, Khan was beating up Williams, and all Williams did was defend himself. The score will be 35-14 lions with mallet and harris combing for at least 200 yards, and at least 50 yards by mr. printers if he is starting. Durant will throw at least 2 picks, and I will be able to laugh at all the rider fans surrounding me at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday :cowboy: .

you lucky dog. are you travelling over just for the game?

No i live in Saskatchewan, but im traveling to Vancouver next week to see the Lions crush the Stamps :stuck_out_tongue:.

haha im going to ignore the last comment but beat the shit out of those riders tomorrow!!! we would like sole possession of first :stuck_out_tongue: youll never catch me saying this too often but.... GO LIONS GO :thup: