What will the DT look like for West Final

Junior Turner Canadian. Solid part of the Dline rotation before hitting the IR for games 11-15. In 3 seasons with Calgary has been a solid contributer and utility DLineman playing both DE and DT
Etienne Legare Canadian. Best season 2011 with 15 starts for EDM. Only played in 5 games in 2012 and started this season with the Stamps on the 9 game. Has been on the roster for the final 9 games only playing in 5.
Both are CFL veterans now and both should be pretty fresh and as far as I know both are healthy.

Earl Okine import. U of Florida product rotational DT at Florida best season his senior year with 12 Tackles. Undafted free agent this year spent NFL camp with the Texans. After no NFL PR spots opened up Signed with the Arena League LA Kiss September 30th then onto the Stamps PR in mid October. Will have been with the stamps for about a month by the time of the West final so should be in good shape and know the system.
Oren Wilson import. Played with Michigan St from 2007 to 2009 starting 26 games, transfered to Akron for his Sr season where he had 38 tackles. Undrafted free agent in 2012 spending training camp with the NFL Giants in 2012. Just signed with Stamps. Not sure what kind of football shape he is in.
Both are a couple of big big bodies on the Dline.

Kevin Huntley import. Pro football Journeyman playing in both the NFL and CFL for several teams. Is on the 9 game IR not sure his status.

Not an ideal situation to say the least but a couple of Canadian Veterans who have battled and a big rookie with some upside and a lot of practicing

We've had injuries all year. Nothing new, next
man up!


I would have to agree with you both rookie Okine and Wilson came with big time NCAA resumes and went to final NFL cuts. players tend to stay in great shape after cuts in case of a NFL PR slot opens up.
Okine will have been with the Stamps for about a month for the WF so he should be in great shape and healthy. Wilson was brought in right after the week 19 game and both are some big bodies.
Both Turner and Legare are CFL vets now Turner is healthy again and Legare also healthy for the second half of the season and both were key to the DLine rotation especially Turner before his injury.
Frasier has been on fire at safety for the stamps so that will be one ratio spot and with 4 Olineman and 2 receivers very possible that would be the 7 mandatory spots.
Could actually have a nice 4 man DT rotation as turner can also swing out to DE also.

Earl Okine

I heard the guys been looking great, says he's been ready for awhile to
show his stuff. At 6' 6" 290, and hungry, should be fun.


Thats the word. Okine, Turner and Legare in a rotation. maybe room for the other kid who just came in as well. His a pretty big beast as well 6’3" 294

Yes, get that 6'6" wall Okine in there to plug up Kory Sheets. Hughes and Law will handle the sack department. Rotation with the other guys. As sad as it was losing both inside DL's, Stamps have some depth there and not much drop-off compared to losing Hughes or Law. More worried of losing go-to/clutch receiver McDandiel though with Nik already out. Read that Nik Lewis was at practice today though! :slight_smile: Maybe can't play this weekend, but outside shot he could be in the Grey Cup if/when they dump the Riders this Sunday afternoon.

Yea this kid is ready to go. After he did not get any NFL PR roster interest he signed with the AFL at the end of Sept before joining the stamps 2 weeks later.

Depth chart and roster is out and Huff has decided to go off the chart and bring in Freddie Bishop III to start at DT along with Canadian Turner both smaller in weight to Okine and Legare appears to be the big body on the DT rotation not quite as big as Okine but with a world of CFL expereince. Bishop also a rookie but has already played this season after being signed in July before NFL training camp.