What will the 2010 Riders look like?

In light of the 2 preseason games, what do people think the 2010 Riders will look like? Which guys played themselves onto the team and which players will be on the next plane out? Other than Hawkins and Bullock, I don't expect too many rookies to be on the team. Guys like Charles, or Thigpen MAY be on the Practice roster, but after that, who knows? Our O line...who stays and who goes? Which of Bates, Rempel, and Wayne Smith could be trade bait? Will Makowsky be asked to retire? The next four days will be interesting.

Was Makowsky really playing that badly? I only saw the first preseason game and was focused more on QB/RB performance then anything on the line.

Whenever a team has a young player that they don't want to lose, they try to "Encourage" the more senior players to "retire". Not saying the Riders will ask Geno to retire, but if there is an O linemen they don't want to lose, some fanagling will have to take place.

Elite offense, questionable defense.Scary good kick returns.
That's my take anyways

You may be on to something! We'll revisit at Labour Day to see how well you've prognosticated.

Its hard to say how this season will pan out based on these two pre season games. If our offense puts up anything less than 35 points per game with the amount of talent we have, then there is something seriously wrong. Even tho our defense looked shaky, we have to remember that the defense in preseason is very basic. Etchevary is known for his blitz crazy defenses, and we will have to wait and see what he has up his sleeve before judging the defense.

Well, I love retro............but in 2010 they'll have ugly white facemasks. Why not just go gray? I miss the black already.

I for one like the white facemasks.

I think this team will be better than all these people are making them out to be..

they have an outstanding offense.. and I really believe our defense will be fine, sure they look underrated.. but they will surprise!

I would add a chip the size of Saskatoon on their shoulders too, perhaps.