What will Ottawa's FA plans be?

I dom’t think they will go after a QB at least not this years flavor of the week. Which leaves Calloaros and Willy looking at one spot in Winnipeg. I guess we will see how impressed O’Shea was with Collaros.

Rory Kholert the only free agent that they drafted so I would imagine that they want him to be the young cornerstone of the Canadian REC corp. With Rob bagg injury prone and Sisco yet to breakout The riders may be going after Kholert themselves.

There are several Canadian REC out there that have been recent top round picks i could see them targetting some that teams have given up on. But as everyone saw with Jabari Arthur it sometimes takes 4 or 5 years before they break out.

Henoc Muamba with the money to spend will they look to sign a franchise MLB like Muamba. He will be the most expensive to sign. However I like his NFL chances. Probably mostly as a Special Teams demon for a couple of seasons then return back to the CFL.

Graig Butler A Canadian Will LB will be a hot commodity. There are quite a few Canadian Special teams and back up Will LBs in the league but a starter is hard to find. He is one of the best hard hitting LBs in the CFL and just happens to be Canadian.
Also if Dressler and Sheets return they will command top dollar for their position. Butler will probably draw the same but the riders do have Sam Hurl on hold waiting for his shot.
Ottawa also selected Canadian LB Vedone, who may be ready for specials but not as a starter, to back up Butler.

With so many imports jobless in positions Ottawa is in need DB, REC, DE I do not see them going after any top Import FAs. Possibily a guy with a standard type contract

Too bad they can't get this local guy!!

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/21/ottawa-native-christo-bilukidi-back-where-he-belongs]http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/21/ott ... he-belongs[/url]

The Bombers wish they had him also since they drafted him in 2012

Q&A with Rick Campbell and Desjardins.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/19/fan-chat-redblacks-coach-and-gm-noon-friday]http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/19/fan ... oon-friday[/url]

Check out the first comment below the article .......lol

"Two seasons, tops, and they fold. Ottawa should concentrate on a pro soccer team"

Typical uneducated response from someone who left the CFL for dead a few years back and has not been paying attention.
Also there was a comment on not enough Canadian Talent to fill the starting spots.
Again someone who has not been paying attention.

Within three years, that guy will be wearing merchandise head to toe, tell everyone within earshot that he's been a fan since day one and that he always knew that Hunt was the guy to make it work. :roll:

Their plans only matter if those guys are FA's come Feb 15th.

Now that signing season has finally started the FA market is thinning out quickly, and you better bet the Bombers will do everything they can to get Henoc back.
Sask also has some $$ free'd up now with Shologan being drafted so they may be able to re-sign him.

Bet bet for Ottawa imo would be a guy like Brouillette from MTL or an Ottawa guy like Scott Mitchell, better chance those guys hit the FA market.
Also most likely landing spot for Rory is back in Winnipeg. Just wait for it. :wink:

Rory Kolhert has a long term girlfriend in Winnipeg, and had a verbal agreement with the Bombers on a contract extension before Ottawa drafted him. I fully expect Rory back with the Bombers in 2014.

iF that is so that would not be too bad for Ottawa they took a shot at one young Canadian Receiver who played very well the second part of last season.
There are still several others that will be free agents that are along the age and potential of Kohlert.

Etienne also in Winnipeg but being a Saskatchewan boy the Riders could have the inside track
Anthony Parker Calgary
Matt Carter EDM
Aarron Hargraves
This group have all been high draft picks but have yet to reach potential but still have time to do so.

Mike Bradwell TOR has been the 3rd Canadian receiver and has the potential to be a full time starter
Johnny Forzani CAL is a starter but slowed by injury.

Just a few guys I have been following that are free agents. Ottawa probably had their eye on one or two anyway but if Kholert does not sign with Ottawa they signings would be of more importance.
The fact that they have drafted two TE in the expansion draft and one in last years Canadian Draft could see an offence with the TE h-Back with 4 receivers a main formation.

I have talked to a few who say Ottawa will fold with in 2 years they claim there is little interest you bring up the 12,000 pins sold and they say thats low no matter what you say it does not matter to this anti sports fans.

This has nothing to do with Free agency but in reply to the CFL team folding in two years and concentrate on soccer. Why can't they do both?
I mean there was a time that it was seen to be a disaster that Alberta could have two NHL teams and here we are 40 years later and an AHL merger and an NHL relocation of the Flames and two teams. Edmonton in particular seeing soem great times during the Great ones years. Some franchises in pro sports never see years like that.

Four reasons why the CFL will succeed this time around

  1. ownership group with a much larger plan in place where the Renegades were a single entitiy with poor ownership and management.

  2. The explosion of football in Quebec. The Als have never been more stable and a true rival will only streghtnen that.

  3. National exposure. TSN has driven the CFL to a National level sport. The ability to have Anglo Broadcast as well as Franco Broadcasts both with the highest of professional braodcasts.

  4. New modern stadium(s) for years only the big cities could build modern venues Vancouver and Toronto post 70's and upkeep them to keep that modern new smell. Now CFL/Soccer specific stadiums are eing built all over the CFL and Edmonton has also did its do dilligence to upgrade Commonwealth and its surrounding training complex.

Still there is work to be done Montreal Olympic Stadium, Calgary, new stadiums in HRM and Quebec City
There are plenty of new models to follow to get this done now.
Also Canada and particular eastern Canada is back on the international stage for summer events.
2015 WWC
2015 Pan AM games.
Reality will hit in regions without when revenue from these events and future events, national and international, will lose millions to their economy that will be pumped elsewhere.

jeff hunt was on PTS w/Bob Mcgowan ( interview can be found on sportsnet.ca cfl section );
he mentioned they have 12,000 seaton ticket holders as of right now - not sure if he's counting pins, or if that's how many actually paid in full already? - and his goal is 15,000.

seems like he can hit his goal if he just needs 3,000 more within 6 months.
i don't think we will ever see Ottawa without the RedBlacks again.

The Sens have a real hard time due to the massive amount of Habs and Leaf fans that live in Ottawa at best 30% of all Nhl fans are Sens supporters now with the Cfl and Nasl 60-70% will be Fury or Redblack fans.

Now Back to free agency.

Canadian Receivers

If Kholert does return and sign with Winnipeg there will be still sevearal others about the same age that were higher draft pickst available.

Etienne WIN
Parker CAL
Carter EDM
All could be on the verge of breaking out

Hargreaves SASK a bit older but a big target and could be a late bloomer like Jabari Arthur

Bradwell TOR
Forzanni CAL
Both ready to step in and start now IMHO

Now the RedBlacks WILL have to contend with the fans that the Alouettes have created as a result of working Gatineau. Not at all on the same scale, but it's still there.

I think they could win them over maybe that means having a french player who is the face of the team for the Quebec side that might mean having trainning camp in Gatineau as well even look at what the Fury are doing there is talk of having there camp in Gatineau plus hosting a couple pre season games there.

Als didn't work that area much. If the Ottawa club is well run and they're outreach programs are well put together. They should be successful in converting those fans. Like anything else in business it requires patience and persistence.

Okay why does it have to be a French player? Montreal had Calvillo for years as the face of their franchise. I don't think he is French.

I have friends and co-workers who live in Gatineau. I asked them myself if they needed a French "face" and not one of them said "yes". They said not necessarily. What they did want is a good team, and some sort of presence, be it posters, QB clubs etc.

For years the Rough Riders did a good job marketing over the bridge at La Cage Au Sports with QB clubs. I went for those and they were in English. They would give tickets away and also organize bus trips over to Lansdowne. The Riders also had a nice presence in Shawville Quebec and Quyon Quebec. The Renegades did zilch (both Watters and Lonie), which really hurt things as far as Western Quebec Football relations went.

And the REDBLACKS are not having TC in Gatineau. That's already been decided.