what will next years (2014) salary cap be ?

Will the salary cap raise ,with the change of tv money from TSN ?

It's not known as yet. The current CBA expires next year the day before 2014 training camps open. The new CBA will be negotiated this off season which will undoubtedly address & set new #'s for the SMS. The 2010 CBA set it at $4,250,000 & increased it by $50K per season to the 2013 season which is $4,400,000.

The actual max.cap will increase substantially in the coming years. While we don't know the exact numbers, it is believed/estimated that the CFL teams will receive between $2.0 and $2.5 millions more thanks to the new agreement between the CFL and TSN/RDS. The players will eventually receive roughly of this amount.

As I wrote before, I expected the major max.cap increase to occur in 2014. In March 2013, I wrote that the 2014 max, cap should be at $5.0 millions,representing an increase of $600,000 or +13.64%; from 2015 to 2018 inclusively, I expected a yearly increase of $150,000, meaning that in 2018 the max. cap would be at $5.6 millions. I Also wrote that the minimum salary will increase,along with playoffs compensation and I also expected a roster increase of 1 to 2 players.

While the actual increases may be less, I definitely don't expect that it will be much less than what I wrote; the players will demand a high increase,particularly in 2014, and they should get it.


Makes sense.
With the increase in the NIs next year have you heard any discussions/talk from the owners?

With some teams losing money, I can't imagine ownership will want to share much.

That's going to be tough no doubt. It's okay to say that the players deserve more money but the owners need to make some money and if the increase in the TV revenue gets eaten away by salary increases that's not good.

Then they won't have a season.

I do agree: Owners will have to share money and a substantial amount. If they refuse,say Bye Bye to the 2014 season; furthermore, only Hamilton and Toronto are losing money; I know,for some the profits may be modest,but still better than a lost. If Owners get roughly $2.5 more because of new TV deal, it is quite logic to assume that,in 2014, the players will receive at least $600,000 of this amount. The Owners won't jeopardize the season because of a few teams.


The salary cap rising to $5 million is probably reasonable, I don't think the Cap should just increase endlessly regardless of revenue increases. I realize CFL players are underpaid compared to the NFL and other major leagues but there is really no necessity to raise the Cap at all. Players will still sign in the CFL regardless if the minimum is $45k or $50k.

I don't agree with increasing roster sizes, they are already paying the full salaries of 4 reserve players who can't play. More imports will just mean less opportunities for Canadian players to gain experience, like what is happening now with the recent increase of Designated Imports to 3.

While the minimum salary seems paltry, that is the backbone of the CFL, signing new players to modest first contracts allowing for a nice salary increase for players who've earned a raise with their 2nd and 3rd contracts.

Salary Cap 2014: $5 million with $50,000 increases each year for 5 years

Minimum Salary: $50,000 - frozen at that rate for 5 years

Rosters: Count QB's in the ratio with rosters consisting of 21 imports and 21 non-imports = 17 import starters + 4 designated imports; 7 non-import starters; minimum 2 non-imports on the field at all times; 4-man reserve list possibly eliminated with those salaries paid to active players.


The 2014 Salary cap will be 5.1 million, it will then go up by 50,000 per year, also each team will be allowed to increase roster size by 2 and both of these positions will be Americans. Also Grey cup winners will get 18,000 and the losers 8,500 starting in 2014. All playoff money will go up, semi winners will get 4,000, winners of the Division finals will be 5500, so players could get up to 27,500 in Playoff money

Interesting. I am surprised the Union wants it this way because it is a bit unfair. The players who are free agents this year will get big raises and then the following year its back to normal. Might be more fair to spread the increase evenly over the course of the deal.


he is stating as factual, but it is not. There have been no serious negotiation.

The players need to force these owners to freeze coaches salaries with a coaches salary cap. furthermore, they need to force revenue sharing... Yes, put the Argos on welfare.
If i was the players i woud go on a full strike unless the salary cap went to 6 milion. Anything less is a slap in the face. The players will just lose the money to increased coaches salaries unless they force the issue. The SMS litterally lined the pockets of the coaches with money... Now its the players turn.

...you should invest in a new keyboard...

You can't have it both ways. Roughriders are claiming record profits again, Winnipeg was also but they've mismanaged their money so much that they have been paying two football ops for the last five years and let their stadium budget balloon to ridiculous amounts. Montreal is paying way too much for their football ops.

You can't keep crying poor and using the Argos as a measuring stick while the rest of the teams are filling up armored trucks full of money... Teams have to look at their operations and share their revenues and stop exploiting the athletes.

I think its time to rethink things for the league. Its not fair to have HC and GM's making 600k a year and giving your 60 players 50k increase (average of 750.00) increase a year. Hell I give my guys better than that in Xmas bonus.

There is a huge waste problem when it comes to football operations as well as a lack of fairness with revenue splits. Hopson is claiming 10 million in corporate sponsorship, 15 million in apparel sales, 12 million in tickets sales plus a couple million in tv money and naming rights. So their revenues are around 40 million dollars, 50 million this year with the GC and the players get 4.5 million ! There isn't a pro sports league in the world where players get 10 percent of revenues. Its Theft , plain and simple.

Players should bring in one of he top contract negotiators from the US. A Donald Fehr type to help them out.

The Argos are on welfare as is . The league has handed them half a million last year disguised as a community something or other LOL ! and gave Braley 3 GC in 4 years, gave them the Federal subsidy for the 100th GC. The teams making money are hiding in plain sight. So might as well come clean and do it right. It will be better for the teams anyway. You will see an end to the ridiculous salaries handed out to HC and GM's and waste of money. Paying Hawkins for 3 years at half a million a year. Teams have to be protected in the rules from their own stupidity.

It's going up. It's going to be at least $5 million. That's why so many players don't want to sign deals right now - they know the cap is going up.

Couldn't agree more. The players have been taken to the cleaners on the last CBA. The SMS should be at least 50% of the league's gross revenues.

Is this fact? I haven't heard anything about it.

I think five million is reasonable. A satisfactory increase, which will allow salaries to grow, but also allows enough left over for teams to cover their losses. Ottawa doesn't yet know what their revenue will be like (projections only). Hopefully they can increase by $100K per season, there after, just to keep up with inflation. A better number would be $250K per season.