What will make this Grey Cup a "good" game for you?

Okay guys and gals. I'm curious. Most of us are hoping to see a "good" game. This got me to thinking. What will make it a "good" game for you personally?

  1. Good refereeing? [where they don't miss too many obvious infractions or call penalties that should not have been called]
  2. One team destroys the other team resulting in a totally lopsided victory?
  3. Awesome highlight reel plays?
  4. Competent command Center analysis?
  5. A game that goes down to the wire after the lead has been exchanged several times and is decided by a last second play?
  6. Good TV commentating?
  7. A game where your team comes out ahead?
  8. A game where you do not get sick having consumed too many tacos, Doritos, beers?
  9. Fluke plays that go in favour of your team?
  10. A game where one team was being dominated by the other for most of the game but makes a the come back of the Century and wins the game?
  11. A game that goes into over-time?
  12. A game that is not lost due to injury of key players?

You don't need to choose from the list I've posted. There are probably more reasons but that's all I could think of for now. Give it shot. What will make this year's Grey Cup a "good" one for you?

No #5? :wink:

I think a great back-and-forth game with very little penalties would be ideal for me. And overtime would be icing on the cake. Who doesn't love overtime? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Piggyman. I corrected it…by inserting the only thing I could think of. :oops:


Nail biters are hard on the old ticker for sure but make for very thrilling games to watch. I have the team I’d like to see win. I just don’t want to see a blow out……by either team.

6 or 10

Sask losing in the final seconds in a heartbreaking manner.

Oh man esks123! Feeling a little sadistic are we? lol I understand where you’re coming from though. Deja-vue 2009?

Are you thinking along the lines of too many players on the field?

I want his game to be the coldest blizzardiest game ever in history. I want to see weather effect the game in several ways, but have the play amazingly not be sloppy. That would be cool Beavis.

A Rider blowout. 35-0 at the half and Burris being too scared to come out after the half.

“I want this game to be the coldest blizzardiest game ever in history.”

You don’t by chance have penguin or polar bear ancestory in you do you vanhalendlrand?

I just want the Refs to let the PLAYERS decide this game...

And may the best team win.....

We all know the best team is the Cats!!

Possibly I AM Canadian lol