What Will It Take For the Toronto Media To Respect the CFL?

Cohon has a big problem in Toronto.
Its the sports columnists who don't cover the CFL as their gig.
Which are most

These guys haven't got a clue that the CFL even exists.
The rare time you hear or read them write about the league, its usually in negative tones.
And the things they do say have no basis in fact.

Damien Cox, a Rogers employee, today is pumping the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto on Sunday.
In the article he says Toronto hasn't had a "major" championship since the Blue jays.
Obviously relegating the Argos win to non importance.
And he's not the only one who shares this opinion.

In my opinon the league will never succeed in Toronto as long as the media treats it like it has a disease.
Baseball and basketball get kid glove treatement because they're considered "major league"
Even though its debatable either of these sports are much more popular then the Argos in Toronto.

I don't know what Cohon can do to get these guys like Simmons, Cox and the rest to respect the league.
But as long the CFL gets treated as a minor league by the Toronto media, it will always be minor league in Toronto.

The Toronto Media/Canadian Sports media has disrespected the CFL for many years. The biggest display of this would have to be some years ago when they billed THE LAST GREY CUP from coast to coast, it was the worst display of non journalistic crap I have ever witnessed, was a huge lie that they all went with.

Steve Simmons was one of the worst, when I remind him of this fairly often he gets very defensive. The list is long of CFL haters out of Toronto, despicable!!!

I would add though that Toronto Argonauts management from 2008 onward have deserved any criticism they have received . From the debacle of bringing Kerry Joseph in 2008, firing Rich Stubler etc, to hiring Bart Andruss, to hiring of Barker and allowing Barker /Andruss to knowingly go into a CFL season without a CFL QB . Not to mention Mike Pinball/Argo Management for breaking a promise to to Coach Stubler that he would have full control of his players if he accepted the coaching gig.

Stubler told everybody in advance that he had turned down multiple opportunities to be a HC because he always said it would be conditional on him having full control as to who played what position. Then Argos fired him, was truly Argos lowest moment

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I agree Stamp.
You read what Cox wrote today and how he dismissed the Argos win as unimportant.
Even though 6 million Canadians watched the game.
And you wonder what the league has to do to gain respect in that city.

And this is an important issue, because most of the national media types are based in that city.
And none have a clue that the league even exists.

And I will continue to bring up this topic when warranted.
Because it must gall Cohon to constantly be reading this stuff from Toronto.

And if nobody cares this thread will fade away.

Those who do care, please respond

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What Toronto reporters don't understand or care about is that when they knock their own product, they bring the whole city down with them. Toronto went after the Olympics what two maybe three times and are spending 2 billion on the PAN AM games trying to prove they can host an Olympic and have been turned down. They went hard after the Montreal Grand Prix turned down, went after NASCAR turned down. The Jays are bleeding more money than just about any other team in MLB, the Raptors are supported by the Leafs fans. That dream that maybe if the CFL can go away, the NFL will move in is a joke. Major American networks don't want a team in Toronto. They want a team in L.A, NFL legal does not want to deal with Canadian labor and business laws. Players Association does not want to play outside the U.S. There is ZERO chance of the NFL coming into Canada. ZERO but they rather eat their own foot rather than support what they have. Instead of being the big fish in the smaller pond, they end up being the small fish in the same pond. Toronto media is selfish and stupid.

Maybe Cohon needs to start with convincing TSN that they need to cover the CFL better, especially on the radio. Then they need to find a way to pay for a proper home for the Argos. You can't be in bed with a landlord who is trying to destroy your business, that's crazy. Also bringing the Grey Cup Centennial in the present conditions to Toronto was a bad idea but I suppose they need to funnel some money to David Braley who's been so kind to the CFL. Maybe the League should build a proper football stadium somewhere around Toronto and hold the Grey Cup Toronto for 10 years straight with the profits going to pay half a football stadium with the other half coming from a combination of shareholders and Government support, could be had if the stadium could be used by a CIS team.

Damien Cox, a Rogers employee, today is pumping the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto on Sunday. In the article he says Toronto hasn't had a "major" championship since the Blue jays.
well Cox needs to brush up on his sports history then..

The Argos have won four Grey Cup in the past 20 years. (1991, 1996, 1997, 2004)

To say a Toronto sports team hasn't won a major championship during that time, is disingenuous and reveals his penchant for impartiality.

Maybe Cohon should demand a correction/retraction :wink:

yeah, or sue Cox for defamation, slander and libel. :wink:

yeah, or sue Cox for defamation, slander and libel. :wink:
Nah, Cox used the old trick of omission and qualified his comment with a grey term like major :wink:

ah, yes. He is a wily one isn't he?
If Cox had used a term like, "piddly" championship, then I gather the litigation is on! :wink:

Oh god it's yet another benji thread, where the topic will be absolutely everything except people playing football. Because you know, who wants to talk about THAT when we could have yet another thread about the Toronto media? :roll:

Tangled and. Hx
Cox would never post a retraction.
It's Sadly not an isolated incident though.

I know for a fact Steve Simmons of the sun perused this forum.
So we gotta let these guys know enuf is enuf
I guess a few people on here like getting sand kicked in their face all the time.
Luckily there's people on here who get ticked off like I do.

I know for a fact Steve Simmons of the sun perused this forum.
How do you know that benji?

In this post from his blog, we see what an anti-CFL jerk Cox really is,

[url=http://thestar.blogs.com/thespin/2008/09/farewell-to-a-c.html]http://thestar.blogs.com/thespin/2008/0 ... o-a-c.html[/url]

For example, here he is explaining how Lancaster was one of his heros,

Can't say I knew Ron Lancaster as a close friend.

Then again, he was a big part of my life.

Weird, huh? That's how you remember the sporting heroes of your youth, and Lancaster was a figure out of western Canada who appeared on snowy days to perform magic with George Reed for every Canadian's second favourite team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Look at how he shows reverence and respect for one of the league's legends. Man, does Cox ever hate the CFL!

And here he is reminiscing about some memorable CFL moments from his childhood and earlier adulthood.

As a native Hamiltonian, I will always appreciate that Lancaster found a way to lose to Chuck Ealey and the Tiger-Cats in the 1972 Grey Cup Game at Ivor Wynne, and similarly appreciate that he brought the Grey Cup back to Hamilton in 1999, not just with one of those lucky winners but a truly outstanding football team. Sadly, ownership wasn't strong, and that era in Steeltown football faded.
The anti-CFL bias is unmistakable. He even called a CFL team outstanding and seems saddened by their financial difficulties. If that's not CFL hate, I don't know what is!

Clearly, Cohon's case against Cox is watertight. There is no possible way it could be refuted! None!

The 2012 GREY CUP will show toronto what the CFL is all about. The game will sell out in days !! compared to the bills series which struggles to sell tickets and upwards of 20,000 are given away for free, and the GREY CUP tickets are twice the price. WAIT TILL 2012 TORONTO !! THEN YOU WILL SEE FOOTBALL AT ITS BEST !! :rockin:

The bills game sunday still isnt sold out !! LMFAO. And toronto thinks they can support a no fun league team! YA RIGHT ! KEEP DREAMING !! :roll: