What will Happen?

So its Monday Mr. Braily has been in town I wonder whats going to happen?

absolutely nothing.

[url=http://www.news1130.com/sports/article/260250--bc-lions-continue-to-make-changes]http://www.news1130.com/sports/article/ ... ke-changes[/url]

Perhaps this for starters.

more stupidity. we dont need more running backs. we need better defense.

Braley isn't making recommendations on particular player moves, that just isn't his style to get directly involved in football op's. He's probably just giving his support for major changes.


Here’s what did happen…Lions land a receiver.

Mr. braily must just about be done with the CFL when two teams have a combined record of 1-9. At least he can cash in on TWO grey cups in a row. with indoor stadiums.

I dont feel whitlock can add a single thing to the lions except from the practice roster. what difference does it make how many good running backs you have if they never get the ball. not to mention, whitlock cant catch!!! at least robertson can catch and hold on to the ball. but again, i am sitting in my truck posting while real football minds are actually getting paid to think about this stuff.