What will happen in 2009?

My idea is to trade some players, get a new quarterback or quarterbacks? Fire some of the coaches? Time to start Fresh, new players, younger players, put Excitement back into football, Use a 2 Quarterback system? Surprise the other team by using secretive plays, anyone remember the End Around or Double Reverse or the Flea Flicker. The Vic Rapp era of the Lions were the most exciting in Football nothing matches it ever since. There are too inconsistent one up game then 2 down games then maybe 3 up games by 4 down games, they still play more as individuals than as a team. The Kicker getting the most points?? you will never win games unless the other team is pathetic. can't score on the 2 yard line, what offense?

The first priority is going to be filling the huge hole that is going to be left by Cam Wake. Move Glatt to outside linebacker, and bring someone else in at middle linebacker that has more presence. What is the skinny on #51 Nande ? Is he capable or maybe not enough experience ?
Looking forward to training camp 2009, it should be interesting! :thup:

We have two qb who are on there own for the first time, without a veteran presence. There are more worries in other position then QB. We have 17 players that are in there 30's that we have to consider. First priority is who is going to replace Cam Wake?
Yes Rapp era was exciting with great players in their line up. On paper Rapps teams should have been in Grey Cups alot more then their record showed .Rapps teams were also inconsistent . Fast starts like 7-1,6-2 in the first half of the season,but only see his team do a total collaspe every year in the second half and struggle to make the playoffs. That happened every year that Rapp coached that team.
Are you going to tell us that Don Mathews teams were boring? At least they were consistent all year round . Doug Flutie time here was boring too?????
Give these qb a break!! Wally has a record of getting gems in that position. We been in the playoffs 12 years in a row , and under Wally they been in the playoffs 6 straight under his leadership plus 5 consecutive Western Finals ,and two GREY Cup Appearences.You really can't ask for more can you? Thats something you can't say that Vic Rapp ever did as a LIONS coach except being consistent on fast starts ,collaspe in the second half of season and ,making the playoffs every two years.