What will be the final score tomorrow?

Make your prediction here-- I will go first:

Calgary 31 Montreal 27

34-24 CGY :thup:

One team will score more points than the other!!!!! I guarantee it!

Pat of me says Calgary 42 Montreal 12 but I will be realistic an say Calgary 26 Montreal 17

28-25 for the Als and some 60,000+ hangovers. :rockin:

29-21 Stamps!!

Go Stamps Go!! :cowboy:

As much as I would like to see Calgary win, 37-24 Montreal.

Montreal 27 Stamps 17

Montreal 36 : Calgary 34

should be a great game, congrats to both teams for making it this far.

That's only because the Grey Cup can't end in a tie. :stuck_out_tongue:

My prediction... Montreal 43 - Calgary 32

Als 26 Stamps 24

Gee, thank you, Mr. Obvious... so which team will score more than the other? Care to guess on that one?... :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats the matter ro, superstitious? or no faith in your team. I think maybe the Stamps scare you a little more than you let on.

I know the AL's worry me :smiley: but at least I hazard a guess.

I dont deal in guesses I deal in facts

LOL I think the Als team is scared. Scared of chioking at the big Oh Oh!

34-17 Montreal

Montreal 30, Calgary 27

28-21 Calgary

Montreal wins 34-27.