What will be the biggest noticeable change this year?

Biggest change will be that I am going to be grouchy this year

that will be a change??

the d line will be wicked

please forgive me for not knowing how old you are, but I am guessing you going to be grouchy either because of puberty...or menopause :twisted: :lol:

What will be the biggest noticeable change this year............the fans will be more positive! :roll:

With all the changes, I expect a different "atmosphere" to envelope the training camp from what we've had in previous years (ie no preconceived notions as to what to expect from the players/coaches or who to expect to start).

Although I don't post alot, I'm on here regularly reading the posts and have noticed that noone is really sure what to expect this year but I certainly hope that they can break even for the season. I would consider that a BIG improvement :thup:

We win a game?


:roll: its called friendly humour, nothing rude about it.

The biggest and best change will be the traditional gold pants. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will once again look like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

FYB, I've agreed with you before, but not this time. It was rude. I'm sure you thought it was just friendly humour, but I feel it was really quite out of keeping, ungentlemanly.

FYB- gotta' agree with Steve. In the circles in which I move that comment clearly crossed the line. May have been meant in a friendly fashion...

(And yes, I've been admonished on this site as well.)

To paraphrase the late Jim Hunt's introductory sentence
he used in all of his Sports columns in the Toronto Sun,

I offer my Monday morning musing on something that amuses,
confuses and even amazes a fellow of 'a certain age' like me
in the wonderful world of political correction gone amuck

My assumption was that borehamgirl meant her comment
to be humorous and FootballYouBet responded in that vein

but cheergirl took his comment as offense against women
because his humour indirectly referred to 'menstrual behavior.'

If FootballYouBet is a girl would her comment
not be considered to be quite as rude?

Would it be rude at all if she said it to an audience of women?

Perhaps you could give a reasoned answer to this Mark.

  1. There ARE gender based neurological differences in humor understanding/appreciation.
  2. Gender interacts with culture to create several issues. In-Group humor is generally not considered prejudicial while humour concerning an out-group is. If someone of an in-group makes an intended humorous statement about his/her group in a mixed context then it is the venue/situation that determines the level of appropriateness felt by the audience. In a comedy club the audience feels it acceptable; in a general setting there are usually implicit restrictions.

In other words, even if a woman said it on an open site it would - according to research and convention - still be considered somewhat inappropriate.

Problems arise when perceptions of the environment differ. Some people consider web boards to be different from face-to-face communication. Others treat them with the same rules. In addition, there appears to be a general tendency among men to treat sports boards as somewhat privileged areas in which typically male bonding humour is employed. That perception isn't shared by all.

(I didn't cite the research references. Isn't it amazing how boring research on humour can be?)

P.S. I'm not considered very politically correct by anybody who knows me.... rather old-fashioned in some matters of public civility along with being a real loudmouth otherwise, however.

My mother in law has gone through meno many years ago, and my wife is just about due, and we all have engaged in much humour about it. As I have done with many other women over the last few decades, and as I have heard many other women do with other woemn and men. There is nothing about it that women should be so sensitive abou, it is just a fact of life, just like what middle aged men are supposed to go through when they suddenly sell the station wagon and by a sports car, toupe, ete, and many jokes are always made about that, mostly by women too. Its all life, and only the over sensitive find comments about it to be offensive. Just like we all go through puberty and we all often make humour about it, and none of you seems bothered about that part?

Now if I had suggested to anyone that their sincere opinion about something was a result of menopause, then that might be rude.

However, if Borhamgirl herself indicates that the comment bothered her, then I will apologize to her and retract it.

I appreciate that some of you think trying to joke about menopause is rude, but perhaps ya all wouldtry to explain exactly why you thinks so??

Actually, I am going to repost this as a new topic in off topics. I think further responses on this would be more appropriate there.

As I said.... perceptual differences. :slight_smile: