What will be the biggest noticeable change this year?

Just wondering what people think will be the most noticebable change from previous years attending games. Change in beer, coaches, new players, stadium announcer maybe, etc. Myself, I think it will be the head coach and how the players respond to this but don't know.

nobody will have paopao to blame things on anymore.

I think Taafe will put an emphasis on establishing the run, which will then open things up for Maas.

Plus, I think our kicking and return game will be much improved.

I would agree with your assessment, Earl. Charlie Taaffe and company will add a brand new dimension to this team and I'm guessing that we'll all be happier because of it.

Charlie is no slouch when it comes to coaching and, just as importantly, getting his assistants to coach so that positive results can be expected from playing personnel. He has a history that proves this.

Whatever happens, we'll certainly see a lot of changes and likely, for the better.

It is my fervent hope, that Charlie can find a way to get Jason Maas to live up to his former press clippings. If not, dump him (Maas) fast!

i think the ticats will still finish last in the league, but atleast now they have the proper direction under taafe and desjardins to make improvements.

i see this as year 1 of a rebuilding period.

considering marcel basically BLEW UP the whole '06 team, taafe and desjardins will use this year to introduce thier system with thier coaches, and evaluate what they have NOW, and what they need going into '08.

so i say the biggest difference is going to be a sense of direction which wasnt there in years past.

I think we'll actually be competitive this year. I don't know if we'll win a lot more games, but I don't think we'll get beat 51-8 on a regular basis like we did last year.

What GM wouldn't blow up that team, we were terrible!

im not saying that BLOWING UP the '06 team was wrong...i agree with it ( altho i woulda kept cheatwood and cotton).

im just saying, after blowing up, virtually, the entire roster - plus coaches - i don't expect the cats to have more than 6 wins this year.

but i agree, they probably won't get slaughtered in thier losses like last year.

I will have Stamps season tickets instead of Ticats season tickets.

*Makes sad face.

cheer leaders will be much sexier

wins i hope...

Okay! wait!!! theres a new announcer!!:smiley: YES SWEET, the old one drove me nuts! I wanted to break in there n Shove the Mic sumwhere not nice!

Personally..my hopes and expectations that I'll have for this years team will be drastically lower. Last year at this time, I was expecting the team to vie for 1st place in the East and to go far into the play-offs after seeing all the signings in the previous off season.

Thanks to last season...I've learned never to get my hopes up too high.

I was the same Wallace, I had predicted last year it would take some time to gel, but that once they did they'd be second, and might give the Als a run for it in the Eastern final.

But what the heck, I'll stick my neck out again (just not as far this time), and predict that Hamilton will finish third in the east, with the Argos last.

No more good old Ron(High Lander) to kick around anymore. :frowning:

re ftballyubet-nobody will have paopao to blame things on anymore.---------- He WAS to Blame for the inept offence , AND MARSHALL WAS fired for it!!!!!!!! :twisted:---- now back to ,2007

Biggest change will be the offence , scoring Touchdowns :thup:

i am really looking forward to this years team...maybe more than last year.
I think Bob, is only going to get better at his game, and with his positive perspective on the Biz side, that attitude will carry right on down the line...
this year, more than the previous years, Bob has brought a group of talented coaches, and a GM that was not been afraid to just blow it up. I love it, can't wait to see whats gonna happen next.

hmmm...clue me in because I cant remember. How good was the offense the yr before? How good was it after Joe left??

BTW - see the little quote bottom near the bottom right of each post. Click on it and see what happens :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

it could not get any worse!and berizies (sp)was better, because he did not have the same talent to work with as p.p.... -now back to 2007