What will be the Argos attendance for their game?

Its a contest. Winner receives a shout out on this forum.

What will the Argos home attendance be for their game against the Redblacks?

I am out of the country then, so I can't attend.

I will say 17488


I'll say 12,500 due to the throwback promo and they seem to be moving well. That will still be higher than the count of the last Redblack's visit which was also mid-week.

Saying that, do we really need another Argos off field thread? Mods is there a way we can merge this with the other one?

Geez, on other hockey forums I'm part of, put a Coyotes or Hurricane attendance related thread and it's shut down before it gets going.

12,800 or 12,900 would be good! Add in another 1,500 to 2,000 in paper throw-offs & the announced crowd might be as high as 15,000


I'd guess any more than that is from papering...which is eh-oh-kay with me :slight_smile:

Are we looking for actual attendance or reported?

Cause reported I'll say 12,524 actual 8,756

Looking at the Ticketmaster map Argo tickets are being snapped up at a record pace! This portends to be the largest crowd of the season. Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment Argo fans! I'll predict 16,284 tickets sold. :slight_smile:

Too, is interested in the question. What do you think about this?

I predict a sellout, fist fights at the box office, scalpers being swarmed, and a screen set up with a viewing party to cater to the explosion of demand.

In all seriousness...14k

It would be ironic if at some point during the season the Argos home attendance surpasses that of the Alouettes.

Doug Flutie brings the masses out.

15k :wink:

I was thinking 48,900 but my wife smacked me “remember they moved to that tiny little stadium where they play SOCCER or something like that!!!”

Official ticket sales 17,865. Game attendance 14,865

Lets win this one TO. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had given serious thought to 11,111 but then i decided not to attend so......... 11,109

the crowds for far have been pretty much “family and friends”

so the actual number depends on how many folks Doug Flutie brings with him.


I find it very sad that if they get a legit 15K people will see this as a good thing.

The Argo’s should outdraw the soccer team, and there is no reason BMO shouldn’t be full or close to it for all games.

Maybe we should stop focusing on it so much, and it won't be such a big deal. Yes it sucks, but they aren't going anywhere, let them get on with rebuilding without so much spotlight.

The first 10,000 fans get a Flutie bobble head.

Will there be any left?

Toronto needs to wake up, CFL football is so awesome.

Argo Attendance Monday July 24, 2017 is 15,801

The winner of the all expenses paid trip to Winnipeg Winter fest. Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prairie Wolf guessing 15,000 ! Nice Second is brianjoxx 14,865. Prize 2. A Sears microwave!

These winners actual submitted guess not maybes or could Be's.
Judges decisions are final!!!!!!!!!
Cash will not be given in place of prices.
Contest not open to CFL players or Coaches!!!!

15k paid in attendance likely another 2k-3k more free tix. Good for the Argos not doing what TFC and Blue Jays do and include freebies in their attendance. Copeland said they wouldn’t do it and they are not.

But still do not understand why people care so much about the Argos drawing fans to the game. If they wanted 30k they could get 30k. Their business clearly is not trying to attract fans to the game.

No difference in GTA fandom from the '80s - '90s - '17

They always could sell out Skydome or come close then a year later ppl stay away and watch their games on tv.

No difference than the Maple Leafs, Senators, Canucks, Oilers, Jets, Roughriders, Lions, Expos.

People put to much into things.

Say what? Why then the effort to attract more fans last night with $10 tickets, blanket advertising, Flutie bobblehead giveaways etc.?

This is the dumbest thing I've read all year. :lol: