What will be different for you?

In light of premature business opening and relaxing of gathering together rules, will you go back to normal as far as your entertainment goes.

What was/is your covid new forms of entertainment and will you continue any of them.

didn't realize I was asking for state secrets :slight_smile:

For me, entertainment-wise, not a whole lot has changed.

I haven't been to a movie theatre, but before I only went once a month or so anyway, and usually at times that allowed for social distancing anyway.

If movie theatres open back up I'll probably try it out a month or so after opening, but I'll be wearing a mask and keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer with me.

I used to go out to restaurants about once a month as well, but I'll happily stick to take out for a time, again while being mindful of social distancing, masking, hand washing.

I suspect we'll attend a few small-gathering BBQs at friends this summer. Probably won't don the masks for that but will be mindful of hand cleaning.

With football, if the Redblacks were to host a game in September or October, I'd strongly consider going with a mask and gloves on. It would depend, of course, on what the infection rate is at that time.