What/Who am I ???

People always say players at my position get the glory and the losses hung on their shoulders. My teamates adore me. My team is tied for first right now. Currently, our offence leads the CFL in production. Some people might agree that players in my position are the catylysts for the offence.
If you havent guessed by now, in week #2, I won the honor of offensive player of the week. in the CFL. I love the game.

What/Who am I ?....

Kerry Joseph!!!!!

No wait . . . Head Coach Kent Austin!!!

ok now what am I ???

Future Grey Cup 2007 Winner and MVP!!!!

Everything is in place, stay healthy, watch videos, improve game to game, stay error free, rush when the team wont, protect the ball, make dinner, clean the house, help the kids with homework, get coaches' drycleaning, take out the trash, walk my dog. Yup that about does it.

Buck Pierce.

ummmm no...Kerry Joseph my friend of many chins:)

Buck has a ring, does Kerry? :wink:

And what the hell does 'friend of many chins' mean?

Gavin Bell has a Grey Cup ring. Who cares?

And I might be wrong, but "friend of many chins" may mean it is time to go on a diet....

Oh ok, that makes a ton of sense then...Telling me to go on a diet...Right :roll:

Who cares that Buck Pierce has a Grey Cup ring? I care.

an offensive lineman

...I believe he was saying Kerry Joseph has many chins....

He may very well have been saying kerry has many chins...just if I was a betting man, and the choice was Kerry or RLR....?
anyway, the "chin" reference is about as relevant as many of the things RLR says.

Which brings us back to Buck.
I am happy you care about his ring.
I can only assume you care equally about Gavin Bell's ring?
The point is, what possible relevance do either have to the debate?

Let's rephrase what was essentially said and then your response.
"I predict Kerry Joseph will be the MVP and winning QB in the Grey Cup."
To which your response was, "But Buck Pierce has a Grey Cup ring".
See the problem?
Your response simply has nothing to do with how much tea there is in China!! (you'll likely be scratching your "chins" over that one as well....)

Yeah well, remember Jeff Bentram?

He doesn't have any Grey Cup Rings.

About the Friend of many chins comment, I was simply referring to your picture of Wally...he appears to be contradicting those commercials of his about staying fit.


Coaches Orders!


Wally's chins > kel's chins.

I wouldn't be so sure about that...I'd rather have a coach/GM who loves his Italian food than a GM that loves his men in speedos (Tillman).

Now I am going to have nightmares....