What we've learned through the first half of the season

After such a long time away from the Canadian game, it’s hard to fathom we’ve already hit the mid-season mark on the 2021 CFL calendar.

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Typical drivel on here. The "Lions are for real". Why because they can beat Ottawa? They've lost to the good teams that they have played including twice to Saskatchewan, and they are going to lose again this weekend.

Love reading marshal Ferguson’s take on the cfl, informative, intelligent and insightful, keep up the great work

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Come November and December, only teams with a solid running game are going to win. That puts BC, for one, in some trouble.

What is with the love fest for Vernon Adams Jr? He is not that great.

The most pleasant surprise for me, is that Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback-Zack Collaros has stayed healthy & productive. I never like to see the starting pivots go down with injury, football is a violent sport and injuries are part of the game. :wc: :hash: :one: