What were your best memories at Winnipeg Stadium?

With a new stadium on its way, what are some of your favourite memories of watching games at Winnipeg stadium?

"With a new stadium on its way"?

Don't be so bold, BeerBarons. This is Winnipeg. The wheels turn VERY slow...

Canwest Global Park almost wasn't built, and it took 20 years of debate/discussion to replace the Winnipeg Arena.

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It took someone willing to invest their own money into both projects with help from the Governments.
No different than the Asper deal.

As far as the best memory for Winnipeg Stadium would have to be the 1991 Grey Cup.

Saddly I cannot clearly remember the games long ago.

I gotta say it was Either:
Mike Sellers Jumping what.. 4-5 Feet over a defender.
or Mike Sellers pushing like 5 guys without his Lid on for extra yardage.

Other plays do standout, For some Reason Walby getting Carted off the field and also the Same Season the Bomber Center at the time puking right before a play.

Carter Tackling the fan who ran the field was sure a funny moment.

Trying to tear down the CBC panel's booth at the end of the Western Semi-Final in I believe 2001 or 2002. This was right after the Bombers beat the BC Lions

OK OK here is my favourite time, I think it was in 93 when we beat the Hamilton Tigercats in a playoff round and all throughout the game I kept throughing snowballs at the Hamilton team. All game the cops kepted looking around to see who it was and they never caught me,lol
In addition after we won the whole stadium stormed the feild for a big celebration.
It was a great time.
I will be spending a little more time at Winnipeg stadium this year IF it is the last year.

I think for me the best memory I have of being at the stadium was the 1990 Eastern Finals. Seeing Tom Burgess run up the field and Kenerd kicking the winning field goal with no time remaining. It was awesome how the crowd went nuts.