What were you thinking Bart?

For those of you that may have missed the A*go / Stamps game...

A good second half of football that may have gone the A*go's way if it wasn't for a VERY questionable call by Andrus.

Five seconds to play in the 4th, A*gos down by three and the ball is on the Stamp's 50. Medlock has been great hitting field goals from everywhere. The decision from the bench? Go for a desperation deep ball that is easily knocked down at the one yard line! Forget the tie and go for the win?

A*go's now 2 and 6 thanks to the Count. Haven't won at home for over a year... YIKES!

Too bad for the fans who were well entertained up to that point.

Thanks Bart... you have opened the gap single handedly!

Pretty sure they were trying a short play and Pickett realized he had run out of time.

SHould have been a QB sneak if anything to make 57 a 55 yd FG.

Thanks Bart!

You knew the Stamps would give Pickett more than a few seconds to make a short play before any pressure would come. Very slim odds he can make a 50 yard play if you let him skewer the chances of making a short play in less than 5 seconds... clock is gone.

Terrible decision, even from a "rookie" coach.

Still the Argos played well LD will be no walk in the park

Calgary has a terrible run defense. Was 144.5 yards coming into the game tonite.

Labour Day won't be a walk in the park but the Argos aren't very good.

Calgary had an off nite. Normally they can move the ball up and down the field. The Argo D is good but you saw how easily Calgary ripped through them in the second half.

Argos aren't that bad really, I think they'll end up with the worst record in the league but they can easily play spoilers down the road. Andrus will learn this off season what happened this year and be a better coach for it.

Exactly.....The Cats had better take them seriously.

This One Game Us Ticat Fan Feel is is Must Win every year.
Don't lose to Toronto on Labour day

All the 'Cats have to do is show up for the last quarter & throw the ball down the undefended middle of the field. That will mean a victory.

I am really not impressed by Andrus as an offensive football mind. The Argos don't seem to have any plan or identity on offense, and were completely ineffective for the first three-quarters of last night's game. Not a lot of motion pre-snap or creativity to the playcalls. And that defense just seems to collapse at the worst possible times.

That kinda sounds like our offense as well!

Here is a link to an article recently posted to the Toronto Sun's website titled "Medlock knocks Andrus after loss": http://www.torontosun.com/sports/footba ... 1-sun.html

There are some interesting quotes in that article. Here is what Medlock has to say about the last play of last night's game:

"I probably should have just run on the field," Medlock said.

"I was in the zone -- here we go, I'm going to kick it. And then when we ran the play, I was kind of like, whoa. There was some miscommunication, I think.

"I wanted the chance but it did not happen. I would have kicked from 65 if I had to. I had a 60-yarder in warmup that hit the bar."

And then there's this quote form Moreno:
"It's to the point where I don't want to speak to you guys because I don't want to say something I would regret," said linebacker Zeke Moreno, who had his bell rung on a hit by Nik Lewis but was all right. [b]"The frustration is there."[/b]
It'll be good to not be the frustrated team going into Labour Day.

And there is this Globe and Mail article where we see Andrus' defence of his decision: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/a ... le1269306/

Andrus said there was no miscommunication. He simply wasn't comfortable with the distance and wanted to run a quick play to get closer, even though Medlock had hit the upright on a 57-yard attempt - his only miss all season - during a game this month against Winnipeg.

"You look back at that one that went off the goal post, the roof was open and we had the wind," Andrus said. "I watched him kick in pregame and I just wasn't comfortable. The distance bothered me, that's what bothered me was the distance. We were trying to get the ball underneath and [quarterback Cody Pickett] went deep."

They had no time to throw underneath from a shotgun formation with the clock being blown in before the snap.


Funny, but Fail.

That was beautiful to watch. Class guy that Medlock. You might think it, but you keep your trap shut.

If the Stamps would have gotten any pressure at all on Pickett it may have been a completely different game.

More like Bart lost the room. Its not exactly the first bizzare loss falling at the feet of the coaching staff in Argoland

The ONLY scenario that would work for the offense operating out of the shotgun given the clock and barring Six Points Mary would be a PI or other defensive foul being called. Absolutely a fail.

It is PRECISELY that kind of situation in an INDOOR ENVIRONMENT that a coach puts his faith in his kicker understanding he has the leg to reach the uprights. If a coach doesn't know that by week eight of a season, he should be fired!

Oski Wee Wee,


WEll the thing here is that even with running the short play Calgary plays soft and doesnt put the player down until the 5 seconds are up if u guys remember a loss for us a few years back in Calgary where our player touched a down player with tiem left on the clock so No matter how u sugar coat it that play makes no sence from top to bottom.

Agreed. Andrus is no Trestman. He was mediocre in the NFL and only had success in NFL Europe, which isn't exactly an elite league. Considering how well Medlock has been kicking, and the indoor environment, calling Pickett to throw underneath with six seconds left instead of letting the kicker try to tie the game is lunatic. I could forgive this mistake in week one or two, but we're halfway through the season, and Andrus isn't improving as a coach.