What were these officials smoking?

After this game, Murray Clarke`s officiating crew have sunk to a new low. The head of officiating of the CFL must review this crew after this game. No flag on two obvious fouls on Dresslers TD return ( the missed roughing the kicker call would have given Ottawa the ball back and no td would have been scored for the Riders). And that pass interference call for the tying TD, I have seen alot worse that have not been called.

The roughing the kicker could have been called, but the kicker embellished, so too bad. The interference was absolutely a penalty, one of the easiest calls of the night. Good game by Ottawa though, they're showing signs of life.

And yet they still could have won if they didn't drop passes, blow tackles, get penalties at key times, etc. There probably should have been a call, but I'm not blaming the refs for yet another 4th quarter collapse. Let's direct the blame where it actually belongs.

It was a really tough game to watch (4th Qtr). On one hand I am happy to see how the team is starting to look like such, and you can see the Coach's hand, so I feel we are in good track. On the other hand WTF!!! I won't blame the officials, I think the team lost some focus on the 2nd Half and those 2 injuries on the Defensive team EXACTLY on the most important drive for Sasky were really unfortunate. You could see the team trying to adapt, but it wasn't the same (people playing different positions, etc). Once I saw that, I knew we needed a miracle.. :frowning:

Anyway, my heart is sad, but my mind tells me we are getting better... Mixed feeling Monday :x

Mixed feelings is right. I'm pleased with improved offensive production, but not so much with the defense apparently faltering. People are pretty happy with trick plays on special teams, which is swell, but the kick coverage was loosened up again and a field goal was blocked. Not sure that's better.

So you can make an argument for improvement, but I'm not so sure. All I know is that for all the talk about how there are games we should have won, we are also one bad Ricky Ray pass from being winless.

I didn't expect a cup, or even a playoff spot, but a win a month didn't seem so outrageous.

It isn't. And despite what our record looks like, we're not that far off from being a .500 team. (or at least very close to it.) Really, we are are just 4 plays away from being 5-6.

  • Week 2 @ WPG - Special teams blown coverage leading to Washington's kick return for a TD. If we make that 1 tackle, the clock runs down, and WPG doesn't go ahead with less than 3 minutes to play in the game.
  • Week 8 vs EDM - Matt Carter fumbles the ball deep in Edmonton's end with less than 4 minutes to play. We don't get a chance to kick the go-ahead FG, and lose 8-10.
  • Week 11 vs BC - Botched the go-ahead FG attempt with less than 5 minutes to play. We lose 5-7.
  • Week 13 @ SSK - Missed 'contacting the kicker call' leads to SSK TD. We lose in OT, 32-35.

We could very easily have won any one of those games. The team is really that close. But, good teams find a way to win, and new teams will find ways to lose. We are still a 'new' team.

Thought Clark's crew was bad in the HAM/MTL blame....so to summarize tugging a rec's shirt isnt interference two weeks ago but same thing with same crew IS interference yesterday.
And they wonder why fans and coaches are driven insane by CFL fans ?

It was a tough game to watch from both sides. Personally I think neither team deserved to win. I can understand the contacting the kicker, it should've been called. There were tons of holding calls not called as well I never heard an announcement for that guy 66 or 68? Being eligible. I don't think either team deserved a win and I think both sides can agree it was difficult to watch (at times).

yup. those damn cfl fans sure do drive me insane. Specially the ones who keep complaining about the refs :slight_smile: