What were the winning numbers for the 50-50 draw?

Does anyone here know?

Is there any place where you can find out?

I find the way the 50/50 draw is run as kind of secretive. It must be the biggest prize of all at the game so why not advertise it as such. Bring the winner onto the field with cameras and show us their face. Give them a cheque for their share of the draw. I mean they make a bigger deal out of giving away a hotdog at IWS. I have never seen anyone who has won this draw or have a name of a person who has. Please I would like to know where I can find the names of the winners for every year this draw has been held. Do they list this information anywhere or is that not for the losers to know? Sorry I am suspicious but I don't think I am the only one. Many of my friends have stated the same thing.

For security reasons its a really bad idea to announce the winner at the game. Yes you can find a list of the winners as they are submitted to the city along with the winning ticket to prove that a winner actually exists. If nobody claims the prize the organization is require to advertise that fact and the winning number in the local paper before they may keep the money. Just a few facts from someone who has run some of these at Bulldogs games where the rules are identical

50/50 RULES

  1. Must be over eighteen (18) years of age to purchase tickets.
  2. Cost of tickets: One (1) for $2 or three (3) for $5.
  3. Winner will receive 50% of total ticket sales of the charity for which their ticket was purchased.
  4. Draw will take place at Ivor Wynne Stadium and will be made during the fourth quarter.
  5. Winner must be present at the time of the draw to win.
  6. Prize must be claimed at the north or south side fan services booth within fifteen (15) minutes of the winning ticket being announced.
  7. If the prize is not claimed within fifteen (15) minutes, draws will continue until a winner is declared.

I would like to know the 50/50 # as I had to leave to go to work.

7 never existed at Dogs games as it is completely impractical. What happens if no winner is found before the end of the game? Makes no sense to me but most, if not all of the lottery commission rules are senseless IMO so its entirely possible this might be written in the new and improved legislation.

To the poster that said this:

"For security reasons its a really bad idea to announce the winner at the game."

Thats why I said hand them a check. I have heard people get ripped off after even bingo games. Also we could have some of the boys in blue who are being paid overtime to enjoy the game to escort the winner out of danger.

Another post is also a contradiction to the 50/50 rules. They say the unclaimed prize ticket number can be found somewhere. In the 50/50 rules it says if the prize is not claimed wthin 15 minutes that the draw continues.

Another thing is if a criminal wanted to case out the winner when he picks up their prize at the booth and then follow him to rob them what is in place to stop this?

I see by the amount of quick replies to this thread in a short period of time that several others share concerns about this draw.

I went into the tunnel on the south side a guy said show me the ticket I did he asked how to spell my name wrote the check didnot say anything just walked away.
I was so happy I did not think about safty just went home very very happy.

Hi Biggie,

Thats funny! In your previous post you said you wanted to know the winning number because you had to go to work. Now you won! Neat! So lets bring everything out into the open like it should be by you identifying yourself with your real name. Its OK, you made it home with the money!

PS. I notice a fish in your post. Something smells fishy to me!

I am sorry I should have dated the win it was 3 years ago .

141377 if I recall correctly, but don't go by that...please. I'm more sure about the first 3 digits than the last 3 though.

The losing # was 40-6 :lol: :lol: