What were the tweets by Simoni that are being investigated by the Ticats?

Any info on the report by TSN’s Matthew Scianitti regarding the tweets?

I could only find Scianitti’s vague report.

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I don’t have the screenshots, but he tweeted, simply “i did cocaine”. Then someone tweeted back “Simoni was hacked” and then he (likely hacker) replied “hahahahaha”. That’s all. It was up for a few hours and then both were deleted.

Also all his instagram posts were deleted except 2. But because of the mention of cocaine, they have to investigate it.

that is correct.

his Twitter was hacked.

I doubt the person that did it responded. Although a Rider fan was quick to tag Rod Pedersen to get his input.

Also not sure if cocaine is even tested for under the CFLs drug program, and since it’s the offseason I’d suggest they’re investigating on his behalf, not because of what was said

What silliness ! If you are breaking the law, are you going to admit it in public ? Wait a minute . Maybe Putin told him to do it .

Pat Lynch ( in Simoni I trust) * I’ve been hacked on this site in the past .

I meant the person using Simoni’s account responded on Simoni’s twitter directly (Simoni’s twitter account responded with hahahaha when asked if he was hacked).

I don’t know either, but then again Banks was suspended over a different recreational drug so I don’t know what the drug policy is or if it matters over the offseason either. But this was a public statement on social media, so I’d assume it doesn’t matter if he did drugs or not, but that it could fall under some media policy. Like if someone tweeted “I love Hitler” or “TSN sucks and I hate Canada.” It’s more of a “Lawrence is an ambassador to the league and how does it reflect on the league for him to say that on twitter where fans can see?”