What were the schedule makers thinking?

What were the NFL schedule makers thinking giving the Browns a prime time game? I can't even be bothered to watch because the Browns offence is just plain awful... :?

And the best part is we get to go through it again in Week 14. The Steelers visit the Browns for the Thursday game.

What a waste of a game... :roll:

Gotta love the NawFuL!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin:

…I thought they instituted a new rule that the networks could swap games around near the end of the season to show hilite games vs anything to do with the Browns?..maybe it’s just the MNF games I’m thinking of…

I thought they had that rule, too. I could have swore they switched a couple games last season. Here's hoping they switch the Week 14 game. Anything would be better than watching that again... Hell, even the Chiefs-Raiders managed to put up some points. :?

The Browns are horrible although I have to admit I like their unies.

why...they dont even have a logo? they are poop brown and orange...they need a serious update...