What were the Eagles thinking?

Wat were the Eagles thinking? Why would they go for it on 4th down with a minute 50 to go, then chose to punt with a buck 43 to go after that penalty??? Either way it was a long first down. I know they had timeouts remaining, but with the way the Deuce was running, I can't beleive they thought they could shut down NO for the 2nd set of downs in a row???

That decision totally cost them the game. They only needed 1 more 1st down to kick a tying field goal!

Yup, weird Yukoner, I don't understand it as well.

Yeah I know man....talk about yer very definition of,"not with a bang,but a whimper",itself!! I was only listening to the game on the radio and I didn't get to hear every single play,but it sure did sound to me like Garcia was having one helluva game!The Eagles probably wouldn't have made it anyway,but who knows?The way that guy was fired up,he mighta ran for every single one of those 15 yards himself!Terrific job Jeff!Better luck next year!(Unless you happen to be unfortunate enough to be playing the Bills of course.)

With Brian Westbrook? Are they on Philly Cheesesteak? I am beside myself. Garcia played well enough to win, as did the rest of the team... It's awful to be beaten by your own coach, Reid said he'd leave the play calls to his O-co-ordinator, then in the most important moment... SEPUKU!!!!

Yeah, Garcia and the Eagles got the shaft there for sure.