What were the best CFL and sports stories of 2005?

with the year coming to a close, my fellow CFL fans, what do you think were the top CFL and/or Sport stories (in general, NBA, NFL :roll: , NHL, MLB, anything) this year?

I say that Winnipeg win over BC was the top story in the CFL this year cuz even though BC had just lost 2 games to Edmonton and Saskatchewan, Winnipeg was still the underdogs going into the game. However, under the glory of own great third jerseys and the honoring of our 75 years or history and legends, the Bombers defiled all odds and rooted the Lions 44 to 23 in a game that I called weeks ahead that they would win. it was the highlight of the Bombers 75th season and a game that I will remember for years to come.

Biggest Sport story has to be when the South Melbourne/Sydney Swans finally won the AFL/VFL premiership in a very close grand final over the WC Eagles 58 to 54. My heart is still going even months after! Even though the Swans don't play in Victoria anymore and are Sydney's team, it felt like they were still Vics when they won it.

To the top sports story was the Grey cup
First OT in 44 years and prob the best game ever

Agree with you RO, can't beat the Grey Cup. As a matter of fact, it's the game of the year in any sport.

How about the rejuvination of the Stampeders? From last to second!

KK, I think you may be biased, everyone knows how big of a Bombers fan you are :wink: Although, I could say the same about redwhite2005 ... (but I'm also a Stamps fan!!!)
I think the huge success of Touchdown Atlantic is a big story ... also, the thriller of a Grey Cup game, for sure

I'm a very biased person.

I thought about saying the GC, which was undoubtedly one of the greats games of all time, if not, THEE greatest. But considering that I went for Montreal, and Edmonton won AGAIN! (C'mon guys, MISS the playoffs, just one season please!, it's easy! :lol:)

The Bombers beating the Lions in the Peg this season meant more to me.

and as for me picking the AFL Grand Final as the biggest story, you must understand that the Swans have not won the premiership since the 1950's or 1960's (back when they were South Melbourne) and they were like the Red Sox of the AFL/VFL. It was a heck of a game cuz it came right down to the wire, and if it ended in a tie, they would have just replayed the game again the next day (I hate that rule, Ro, did you hear that?), and in the end the Swans (who I was going for, I HATE WEST COAST) won it!

Sorry guys, the 2005 Grey Cup was one of the best games I've seen, but the Swans winning the premiership beats out the Eskimos winning the GC AGAIN any day.

Remember, whether or not I'm an Aussie Canuck or an Aussie Yankee, the Aussie part always comes first. :mrgreen:

Biggest CFL story was the Grey Cup game hands down. Overtime, and the whole package!

Other noteables. Stamps turnaround, BC's colapse in the 2nd half of the season, Hamilton's stumble this year. TV ratings up.

I hope Edmonton NEVER misses the playoffs!! That way, it won't ever be a record that an American team grasps! My country needs no more of those kinds of bragging rights!!!

A little over a week until the new N.L.L. Season begins!!! GO EDMONTON RUSH!!!!

I thought you were an Montreal fan, mate? or is Edmonton your favorite in the West?

that's cool, Hamilton is my favorite in the East, and Winnipeg is my all time favorite.

Americans don't even recognize Edmonton's current streak (and it infuriates me). Every year, as the NHL playoffs start, I hear about the St Louis Blues' current record of consecutive playoff seasons ... And this is even in Canada!!!! It drives me nuts how the Esks - who have made the playoffs for a longer streak than the Blues have, even if the Blues make it this year, which they won't - don't "count" when considering this. I may hate the Esks, but I love the CFL more. Americans, and those idiot Canadians, get it through your head - the record belongs to the ESKIMOS. (And I know everyone on these boards knows that ... I'm just saying it for all the others, who don't even read these boards ... )

Yeah if it was Winnipeg, I want them to keep going but what pro team is gonna make the playoffs 30 years in a row (number of teams don't matter, after all, at one time all the other pro leagues had they same number of teams as the CFL and/or less, plus they number of teams change so much in the other league, why should it matter?)???

that record is never gonna be broken, so they should sit out a year! probably will not be next year, but some year, please!

Although I will give Warren Moon credit, (I hear him on the Seahawk's radio) he periodically still makes reference to the CFLfrom time to time. He remembers his roots and where he got his start from.

I can't wait for that stupid streak to come to an end.

The reason they do not mention it is because if you look at the difference between the Blues and the Esks is that the Esks are in a 9 to 8 team league during this time. If you are in a league with 25 or more teams at the time that is more of streak do you not think. Yes the Eskimos do have this record but when it comes to a larger league with more teams this is a bit more difficult.

I don't think it matters, RW2K5, the numbers change so much it's not an issue. Even in the CFL went though a period of expansion in the 90s.

Why have the Yankees been so successful despite the expansion? think about it.

Easy.....$$$, and the gonads to change when things aren't working their way.....

That and 60% of the teams make the playoffs. 80% with a crossover.

yeah, and that's the way Edmonton works as well. Case proven. Thank you jm02!

I kinda see you point Ro, but even with the CO, it's still only 6 teams make the playoffs out of 9. I have a feeling that no matter what is said, we'll have a argument over it and I'll just end up scaring my head, so don't go into detail.

5 teams in the west
3 out of 5 make the playoffs minimun so thats is 60% of the team in the west that make the playoffs

if the 4th place team crossed over then 80% of the teams in the division that the Eskies play in make the playoffs

For me the highlight of the year was the Grey Cup, what a game! Also the world junior championships and my London Knights (born and raised in the most boring city on the planet - but I love it anyway) winning the Memorial Cup and partying in downtown London after the championship game (yes there actually are bars in London that can get a bit loud from time to time!).