What Were Saskatchewans Picks?

I know they got Andy Fantuz But i dont know anyone else. so please list all of there picks.


is that u ? RedandWhite nice pic :stuck_out_tongue:

...nah, I'm slightly more handsome and definately better trained......

Round 2 - 12th overall Luca Congi K Simon Fraser

Round 3 - 20th overall Chris Cowan OL Saint Mary’s

Round 3 - 22nd overall Tristan Clovis LB McMaster

Round 4 - 29th overall Peter Hogarth OL McMaster

Round 5 - 37th overall Jesse Alexander LB Wilfred Laurier

Round 6 - 45th overall Stephen Hughes RB Calgary

better trained? as in you like to use the pinky with the underhand technique??

its easier for him to fling boogers that way

I guess all that flingin' has given you those savvy decorating skills.

Wow that went off topic qukly...

I think we could use Congi in the peg he was pretty damn good against the U OF Manitoba Bisons. He played DB and Kicker. And Troy "Past-his-prime" Westwood should hang up the shoe and do some hiking in the "West Woods" LOL

Maybe Westwood could still kick if he didnt put that foot into his mouth so often....