What went wrong.

Absolutely pathetic execution on the defensive side of the ball, I knew the absense of Bradley would hurt us, and it did. What a surprise.

However, that wasn't the worst problem.

We were totally stagnant on offence, taking what the Argos were willing to give us and we'll lose that way every time. You have to force the ball in deep, make some plays. We were content to let them dictate the play, and that is why we lost.

In the first half Maas was dictating the game,

in the second not so much.

The worst of the defense i thought was Martin. too slow for DB, doesn't hit well enough for LB.

I agree, and Martin took awful penalties...

Remind me again why he and Tay Cody are starting above Bradley and Kornegay?

Don't get me started on Martin, it'll never end!

Cody is by far better than Kornegay, Jykine Bradley should be starting no doubt. Any chance we get Dedric Mathis back?

Tay Cody deserves to start, he was around the ball all night.

every TO receiver that i saw Martin cover was easily pulling away from him. (saw the expression on his face, its sad... reminds me of me)

One positive note:
The defense held on that last arogant Argo drive to score a late touchdown. AND in doing so held RW to less than 100 yards.

IMO a few less penalties, and Maas holding that first INT and running out of bounds and its a big cat win instead of a loss.

We didn't embarrassed ourselves. We lost. It happens. It's possible to lose without it being a collapse or disgrace or failure. It's just a loss. It's about having a short memory. We will regroup and do better next week. Right?

bring on montreal

Good goddess, what a concept! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Oski Wee Wee,

As I Said on 5th Quarter
The Lack of Discipline Cost us
I hope Pascal get back Quick.

Where was DJ past the 2nd Quarter

One word to understand the loss for the Cats{Discipline}

A couple of Key things that have to happen.....

We have to get ALL the receivers involved!.....all of them! (and in a material way)

We have to change QB's when the other guy clearly isn't bringing his "A" game....we have to use all of our tools now...all of them!

We have to have discipline!....all of the time!

We have to bring back Bernie Ruoff to keep teaching punting!.....Fleming was worse than Boreham ever was (especially at angling punts).. (why Ruoff isn't still here is beyond me)

hopefully we get better next week!

oskee wee wee!

Don’t agree Mikey but that your call not mine.

i don't agree with your "opinion" of flemming's punting. nor do i agree with your "opinion" that boreham is a better punter. my "opinion" is that HE WAS THE WORST PUNTER IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. blinders...


Jamie isn't the best punter in the history of the universe by any means but he was improving under the guidance of Ruoff....so can Fleming...I like fleming and I hope he stays......he's a hell of a holder too!.....I'm just saying, let's get Bernie back in there as the master teacher!.....we can only get better!

I thought Bradley was horrible last year in pre-season and was shocked that they kept him. But he impressed me when he got in the lineup late in the season and again in pre-season this year.

So, yeah, I agree.

Yes some plays were straight lack of discipline that being said I am getting sick and tired of letting the refs control the tone of play for games. My dad came with me to the game today he doesn’t watch a lot of CFL Football and even he was disgusted with the refs. It was pretty close to everyother play there was a flag for something. Let the players play unless it is something very crucial and flagrant. My two cents

In my opinion, our offence sure looked good in the first half, unfortunately the agros have a good defensive coordinator who adjusted their schemes in the second half.

It's a long season and we'll be better next week.

How much time did Brooks get in at linebacker anyone notice?

We have to bring back Bernie Ruoff to keep teaching punting!.....Fleming was worse than Boreham ever was (especially at angling punts).. (why Ruoff isn't still here is beyond me)
Thats Crap Boreham missed a chip shot from the 18 yard line which meant we had to get 2 scores instead of one He choked & will keep on choking when we really need field goals , also his kickoff were sub standard for him

Mikey must have been watching a tape of a game from last year. It was not the punting or the quarterbacking that cost us the game. it was the penalties which wiped out points and the dbs. We have not upgraded our defence enough to handle the Argos even when their number two is in.

I agree with Espo (did I just say that??) Tay Cody deserves to start. He was all over the place. He was on Williams like a dirty shirt.

I think penalties were a killer for us. The TD that was called back seemed to zap our momentum. Defensively it seemed like a struggle in the second half. I don't think we were exactly stagnant on offence. I think we had some struggles with receivers getting open. All of these details will be worked on and we will improve.